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Wardy extends the availability of Total Reward Statements (TRS) by making them accessible to SMEs

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Published on 2/20/23
Paris, February 8, 2023 - The Diot-Siaci Group, the European leader in corporate insurance consulting and brokerage, provides a service via its Wardy 2.0 solution for the production of total reward statements, which can now be accessed online. The digital platform has been redesigned to offer SMEs an effective, secure, and easy-to-use solution for smaller budgets.
The TRS, now an essential tool for SMEs

The Total Reward Statement (TRS) is a communication tool providing a personalized overview of the compensation package for each member of staff, including all their employee benefits: mandatory and voluntary profit sharing, retirement savings, personal risk coverage, training, etc.

Today, Wardy is an essential tool for SMEs wishing to retain their talents and compete with larger companies. The site has been completely redesigned to better meet the expectations of this target group.

Wardy, a valuable support tool for HR departments

Wardy is a web-based TRS creation platform specially designed for companies with fewer than 1,000 employees. HR managers can create their TRS independently using pre-made and fully customizable templates. This is an essential communication tool that provides employees with an informed overview of their compensation package, going beyond what they see in terms of net salary on their pay slip. In this way, Wardy is extending the availability of a tool that was previously used primarily by large corporations.

Companies can create personalized TRSs for all their employees in 5 steps and only be billed for the TRSs that are generated. A cost-effective solution that optimizes the work of HR departments.

"Previously, SMEs couldn’t afford to offer this tool to their employees as it meant allocating a budget that could be substantial for these organizations. But the need was there because they have to compete with large groups in the war for talent and the retention of their resources. With Wardy, we offer a turnkey solution for these organizations with a fully digitalized process and pay-per-use billing," explained Clémence Perrin, Director of HR Communications, Diot-Siaci Group.

To discover Wardy: www.wardy.fr

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