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" We strive to enable the development of all skills and talents and to give each person the opportunity to reach their potential. "

Our vision of well-being at work
Health is one of our primary business lines. Taking action to protect the health of our clients and employees also means taking action for the company and society, and so preserving our most precious capital.
Well-being at work policies and work organization are key issues for our group and are at the heart of our professional relationships with our employees and their representatives. Through our commitment to society, we strive to offer the same opportunities to all and place diversity, a source of wealth and differentiation, at the heart of our social policy.

Serge Pinaud
Director of Human Resources

Our commitments to diversity and quality of working life

Workplace equality between men and women and a positive work-life balance (company agreement)
New score obtained in 2020 of 88/100
The right to disconnect
New teleworking agreement (2 to 3 days per week)
Health and Well-being
Medical booths on main sites
Online sports courses
Training/Workshops on QWL
Professional integration and job retention for seniors and people with disabilities or chronic health conditions
Adjustments to workstations and working conditions in collaboration with occupational health
Employees with varied profiles
A recruitment policy that promotes diversity: students, entry level, highly-skilled, over 30 different nationalities

2021 gender equality index

SIACI SAINT HONORE scores 88/100*

  • Gender salary gap: 38/40
  • Gender salary raise gap: 20/20
  • Gender promotion gap: 15/15
  • Percentage of employees increased upon return from maternity leave: 15/15
  • Number of employees of the under-represented sex among the 10 highest paid: 0/10
*score obtained according to the above indicators

Benefits and Career

Mandatory and voluntary profit-sharing schemes
Employees are involved in the Group's results through annual mandatory and voluntary profit-sharing payments made into special funds
Employee Benefits and supplementary pensions
Employees have access to an employee benefits scheme that meets their health and life & disability needs as closely as possible, as well as to a supplementary pension plan with a contribution from the Group so that, at the end of their careers, they receive a retirement lump sum or pension in addition to their statutory entitlement
Managing the careers of our employees is at the heart of our HR policy
The development and achievements of each individual are the keys to our overall success. Every year, there are dozens of internal transfers and developments. Depending on your career plans, various opportunities are available to you: career progression, acquisition of new skills, managerial development, and more.
Customized training plan
A customized training plan is set up to support these changes using a variety of different methods: face-to-face training, e-learning, webinars, serious games, jointly-designed personal training accounts, validation of prior professional experience, etc. Customized, regulatory and personalized training courses are available to best meet individual needs and those of our business lines.

Integration and retention of employees with disabilities

Development of our disability policy

Availability: All positions are open to people with disabled worker status
Support: 2 additional days of leave are offered to employees with disabilities
Assistance: Personalized assistance for employees with disabilities
Awareness raising: Internal disability awareness campaigns (serious games, etc.) and awareness-raising among managers and employees on welcoming and integrating employees with disabilities
Involvement: Participation in events promoting the employment of people with disabilities
Social outreach: Purchase of supplies and services from various Employment Assistance and Service Centers (Établissements et Services d’Aide par le Travail or ESAT)
Partners: Partnerships with vocational rehabilitation centers (VRCs) to bring interns into the group and so contribute to their professional reintegration

2018 Social Climate Survey

92% of employees are proud to work in the Group
Survey conducted by Harris Interactive, from October 9 to November 2, 2018 among 1,604 employees
87% of employees think there is a good working atmosphere
Survey conducted by Harris Interactive, from October 9 to November 2, 2018 among 1,604 employees
90% of employees are confident about the Group’s future
Survey conducted by Harris Interactive, from October 9 to November 2, 2018 among 1,604 employees
90% of employees have a good image of the Group
Survey conducted by Harris Interactive, from October 9 to November 2, 2018 among 1,604 employees

Our social outreach commitments

L'arrondi sur salaire

L'arrondi sur salaire, set up in 2013, is an innovative and voluntary donation collection scheme via salaries. Employees who wish to may donate cents from their salary and SIACI SAINT HONORE matches and doubles the amounts donated. Therefore, €1 donated by an employee = €2 paid by SIACI SAINT HONORE = €3 collected for our partner associations Positive Planet and Adie.


An association supported by salary round-up donations. For 30 years, Adie has been combating unemployment and financial insecurity in France by making it possible for people with no access to banking services to obtain a microloan and support (training, coaching, advice) to create their own business.

"Le rire médecin"

An association supported by salary round-up donations. A project that makes it possible for a large number of hospitalized children and their friends and families to benefit from personalized visits from professional clowns. In this way, the child always has a friend in hospital to help bring back the joy of childhood, listen to them, make them laugh, and support them. 

Positive Planet

An association supported by salary round-up donations. Positive Planet helps Madagascan vanilla producers and their families access health insurance. All donations are allocated to the micro-health insurance project in Madagascar, developed by Positive Planet.


An association supported by salary round-up donations: donations are allocated in full to the project to use technology to tackle the planetary emergency. The association campaigns to reduce the amount of plastic waste by actively encouraging the creation, production and roll-out of low-tech solutions to reduce and recycle all types of waste.

Libraries Without Borders

An association supported by salary round-up donations. All donations are allocated to the project to reduce inequality of access to information. Since 2007, the association has been working in 50 countries to give everyone the capacity to be independent and develop through open and free access to education. Donations make it possible to strengthen the capacities of populations in terms of the major issues that make up today's world: literacy, digital technology, health, employment, citizenship and integration!

French Red Cross

Each year, SIACI SAINT HONORE donates to the French Red Cross and supports a project in one of the many sectors it covers: health, independent living, emergency and first aid, social action, training and international solidarity.

"Course des Lumières"

"Anyone can be a light bearer": the event offers everyone the opportunity to get involved in the fight against cancer by supporting our partners while participating in a sporting event.

"Les Foulées de l'assurance"

Les Foulées de l'assurance is a running event that brings together players in the insurance world to support the Adicare association. The aim of this association is to support and promote research in cardiology and heart surgery. It participates in the creation, implementation, supplying and operation of research centers.


The aim of the Humaninnov Foundation is to develop programs for the inclusion of employees with chronic health conditions and to further that ambition as a group by implementing an inclusive management program.

Diversity Charter

SIACI SAINT HONORE signed up to the Diversity Charter in 2021. It was created in 2004 and, by signing up to it, the Group confirms its proactive approach to diversity and the fight against discrimination through actions undertaken in addition to its legal obligations as part of its HR policy and CSR commitments.

Our sporting and charitable commitments


SIACI SAINT HONORE took part in the Diomède Cup for the educational success of children. The Employee Benefits & Consulting Division was keen to support the project run by world champion Bernard Diomède to promote the educational and social development of young people, by entering a 5-a-side soccer team in the Diomède CUP.


Sponsorship of the 2018 4L Trophy team: During this trip, teams transport school and sports supplies in 4Ls, which, on arrival, are distributed to children in southern Morocco, in partnership with the association, Enfants du Désert.


SIACI SAINT HONORE and MSH INTERNATIONAL joined the campaign to fight cardiovascular diseases. For the last fifteen years, the Fondation de l'Avenir and the French National Basketball League have joined forces around the Journées de l'Avenir, a sporting community event, to promote research into heart defects. On this occasion, Hervé Houdard presented a donation of 2,000 euros to the Fondation de l'Avenir on behalf of SIACI SAINT HONORE & MSH INTERNATIONAL.


Supported the Paris Levallois basketball team