SIACI SAINT HONORE and the “International Program Administration” Division work with you to manage your international insurance policies. Certain benefits are provided twice by different insurers while some others are missing. You are unsure of compliance with local regulations or are not familiar with them…
The lack of visibility and coordination with regard to your international insurance programs goes against the optimal protection of your local risks and could result in unnecessary additional costs.
Coordinating, standardizing, optimizing, improving and implementing your international insurance solutions from a single office in Paris, that’s our job.

Our clients

We work with large companies and mid-caps to define, set up and coordinate their international insurance programs in the field of Third-Party Liability, Property & Casualty, Construction, Motor Fleets, Financial Lines, Marine, etc.  

How we support you

Serving you worldwide

SIACI SAINT HONORE has created its own international network, SIACI Global Partners.
Our international network, managed from Paris, is made up of subsidiaries and partners in more than 170 countries. The values that we share with our partners and bring us all together, are based on our commitment to working together in order to provide our clients with the best possible level of service.

Contractualizing our agreements with our partners
We have proactive and daily relationships with our member partners of SIACI Global Partners. A charter of quality and services sets out the contractual commitments of all of our members to our clients. For you, this means having the guarantee of benefiting from the same quality of service in France and abroad.

A tool dedicated to communication with local brokers
We have created SIACI GlobalNet, our own extranet for international program administration. This allows us to issue instructions, monitor the programs and generate reports. This tool is accessed online and makes it possible to include brokers who are not in the network. Thanks to its validation system and the operational process it underpins, the tool enables you to track the progress of program roll-out in real time, from the issue of instructions to premium payment, while maintaining total data confidentiality. 

Monitoring and managing your programs worldwide
With our partners, we implement administration procedures to ensure you are provided with the same service worldwide. We control the issuing of documents and send you reports. We inform you of legal requirements and local insurance practices and alert you in case of difficulties.
With the insurers of your program, we control the implementation and compliance of your policies; we analyze how your needs change locally and renegotiate the terms and conditions where necessary.

Our solutions

Provision of coordination services for international programs

Communication of your insurance policy to your subsidiaries
Implementation of local plans
Application of the terms & conditions of local policies after prior negotiation at a central level

Assistance, consulting and services for your local subsidiaries

Audit of all the policies across your local subsidiaries
Delivery of an audit report for each country and for each type of risk
Implementation of a local charter of services in line with the one you approved
Listing of legal requirements
Checking of consistency between coverage and local needs
Control of compliance of your insurance plans with local regulations

Information and reporting

Consolidation of information across all local policies
Monitoring of deadlines and quality of deliverables
Communication of clear and comprehensive information for your parent company
Information on insurance markets per country (mandatory coverage, tax law, country-specific risks, etc.)

Our added value

An experienced team to support you
More than 30 years’ experience in international risk management and a team of 15 bilingual or trilingual coordinators: we act as real specialists of international coordination.
A dedicated point of contact in the team manages all insurance business lines for one client (two-person team organization).
Coordination of more than 250 international programs from Paris
Our relations based on trust and daily contacts with our local partners guarantee you benefit from local quality service and responsive customer care.
A global vision and a local action to serve your insurance strategy
Because we manage all your local policies, we are familiar with the challenges faced by your local entities and have a global vision of your insurance programs worldwide.
Meeting your needs: flexibility and adaptability from the networks
We offer our clients the possibility of choosing their own local brokers if they wish to do so. This flexibility is a real asset for our clients who can create a network that meets their needs and their local subsidiaries’ expectations.