Protecting your assets and liabilities

Prevention and engineering

As an industrial company, protecting your assets is a key challenge to ensure the long-term continuation of your business. You must design, build and operate your production sites while mitigating the risks of an accident, sometimes under the supervision of inspectors for facilities classified for environmental protection. All risk factors must be taken into account: production and use of hazardous substances, transportation, age of the facilities, etc.
As a risk audit specialist for industrial sites, SIACI SAINT HONORE identifies all the weak points to which you are exposed, and draws up an official and appropriate prevention plan.


We conduct risk audits for all industrial companies with sites in France and worldwide.

which coverage / services do you require?

Risk audits on industrial sites to prevent and protect from the risks of damage: fire, explosion, theft, machine failures, and environmental damage, etc.
We can assist you:
  • For a one-off visit of a site requiring specific checks,
  • As part of a call for tenders with insurers,
  • From the preliminary design phase to advise you with regard to the construction of a new plant


Cutting the number of loss events and reducing their intensity
Our engineers assist you throughout the prevention process. Our assignments are based on exhaustive visits of your sites and systematic testing of your security installations. This enables us to conduct a comprehensive audit of your risks and weaknesses, and to propose an appropriate prevention plan. Our recommendations help you to set risk mitigation objectives, and to identify the scope for action allowing you to reach these objectives. Each audit is completed with a detailed technical report setting out our recommendations.

WHY CHOOSE siaci saint honore?

Long-standing experience of industrial risks
Our team is made up of 5 senior prevention engineers (10 to 20 years of experience), with both general and specialist profiles in various fields: chemical industry and process technology, agri-food industry and sugar refineries, protection against fire hazard, theft, intrusion and malicious acts. Boasting acknowledged technical expertise, they assist you in the implementation of the best practices in the sector.
Leveraging expertise to serve our clients
We act on a daily basis as a champion of your interests with regard to insurers, to bring you the best security levels for your industrial sites at the best rate. We conduct on your behalf a technical watch with regard to regulations (ICPE in France) and any developments concerning insurer rules.