Protecting your assets and liabilities

Managing global programs

You lack visibility over your international insurance coverage. While some benefits are duplicated, others are not in place at all. You are unsure with regard to compliance with local legal obligations or you are unfamiliar with them …
This lack of visibility and coordination of your international insurance plans runs counter to the optimum protection of your local risks and may result in unnecessary additional costs.
Coordinating, optimizing, improving and implementing your international insurance solutions from a single office in Paris, that’s our job.

our clients

We assist major companies and mid-caps in the design, implementation and coordination of their global insurance plans covering Third Party Liability, Property & Casualty, Construction, Motor Insurance, Financial Lines, Marine, etc.

which services do you require?

Global programme coordination
  • Communication of your insurance policy to your subsidiaries
  • Implementation of local contracts
  • Application of the local policy terms and conditions negotiated centrally
Assistance, consulting and service for your local subsidiaries
  • Audit of all risks faced by your local subsidiaries
  • Completion of an audit report, country by country / risk by risk
  • Local implementation of a servicing agreement duplicating the agreement validated by head office
  • Identification of local obligations
  • Checks to ensure that coverage meets local needs
Information and reporting
  • Consolidation of information on all local policies
  • Monitoring of deadlines and quality of deliverables
  • Communication of clear and complete information for the parent company
  • Information on the insurance market per country (mandatory insurance, tax, country-specific risks, etc.)

how we assist you

Serving you across the globe
SIACI SAINT HONORE is a partner of Arthur J. Gallagher and JLT International Network.
With local brokers who are members of the networks, we share common values of client proximity and service. A quality and service charter embodies the contractual commitments of all network members toward our clients.
For you, it is a guarantee that you will benefit from the same high level of service in France and worldwide.
Meeting your needs: a flexible and adaptable networks
SIACI SAINT HONORE is a key player and decision-maker in the networks. Where necessary, a local broker may be replaced and we may go further to meet your requirements by working with a network of your choice.
Monitoring and managing your global programs
SIACI SAINT HONORE enjoys proactive and daily relations with local brokers and insurers, across the globe.
With local brokers, we implement management protocols and send them procedures to ensure that you obtain the same high level of service worldwide.
We control the issuance of documents, and send you reports regularly. We inform you of the local legal obligations and insurance practices, and notify you of any difficulties.
With your programme insurers, we oversee the implementation and compliance of your policies, we analyze the development of your local requirements and renegotiate where necessary.


An experienced team to support you
More than twenty years of experience in managing your international risks and a team of thirteen bilingual or trilingual persons: we are positioned as the experts of international coordination.
A dedicated contact person in the team managing all insurance lines for a single client (working in tandem with a colleague).
Coordination of more than 200 global programs from Paris
Our daily relations with local brokers are based on trust, ensuring a quality of service and responsiveness locally.
A global vision and local action to serve your insurance strategy
Because we manage all your local policies, we have knowledge of the issues facing your local entities as well as a comprehensive vision of your insurance programs throughout the world.