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Claims management

Proper claims management is at the very heart of our concerns: the coverage we have put into place must prove to be effective when a loss event occurs. We take action as soon as the event occurs, because the first processing phase of the claim determines and ensures smooth management. We do our utmost to assist you in preserving your company’s financial stability, brand image and your customers’ trust.
SIACI SAINT HONORE acts proactively by your side for the effective management of your claims.


We assist all companies, in all business sectors.

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We offer you two types of service:
  • Consulting and assistance to defend your interests: proactive claims management, preparation of the claim for the insurer, technical analysis by a team of engineers, legal analysis, coordination and follow-up of the various parties until the final settlement of the claim. 
  • Claims management authority: we can set up delegation agreements for the full management of your claims not covered by the insurer (claims below deductible levels), from the submission of the claim to its settlement.


Effective settlement of claims
We provide you with comprehensive assistance for claims management, and defend your interests in dealings with other parties: insurers, experts, lawyers, etc. We undertake to provide you with impeccable service in compliance with our Claims Quality Assurance Charter: your claim submission is processed within 48 hours.
Adapting to the client’s organization
We have implemented management rules that enable us to meet your requirements with the responsiveness and technical expertise that you expect. We have drawn up procedures per sector and profession that set out the management method step by step. Our aim is to obtain the best possible settlement promptly.

WHY CHOOSE siaci saint honore?

Effective organization
Each business line has its own claims department, with an organization in keeping with our various types of clients. We allocate resources according to your requirements.
Specialized teams (economists, engineers, lawyers, experienced insurance specialists) working with tools and methods
Our teams are specialized by area of expertise, risk profile or client. We allocate a single contact person to each client, who has in-depth knowledge of their files. Our legal experts have senior and multilingual profiles: they boast long-standing experience in claims management and can handle claims on an international level.
A clear and detailed vision of loss experience
For global programs, we have rolled out an organization and tools that enable us to collect and consolidate data efficiently in order to provide you with reliable reports.
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Third-party liability and Construction: more than 30,000 claims being processed
A dedicated team of project management assistance, project management and business intelligence
Around twenty projects related to RMIS