Protecting your assets and liabilities


Nuclear risk is highly specific: while the probability of a serious incident is low, the consequences are considerable, and difficult to quantify and manage, particularly due to the trans-border and evolving nature of a nuclear accident.
As nuclear risks are particularly complex and often excluded from coverage, SIACI SAINT HONORE assists you in securing your activities and rolling out appropriate actions in this specific environment: from the pre-contract phase to the end of the period of coverage.


We design tailor-made solutions for nuclear operators (power plants, research centers, waste treatment facilities, etc.), companies working in the nuclear fuel cycle and contractors working with the nuclear industry (builders, suppliers, transporters, consulting engineers and engineering firms).


SIACI SAINT HONORE assists you for all risk types:
  • Construction: to ensure the proper performance of your projects with major investments (allocation of contractual risks, OCIP (Owner-Controlled Insurance Programs), CCIP (Contractor-Controlled Insurance Programs).
  • Operations: to protect your balance sheet and assets (direct and operating losses, Operators’ third-party liability –Paris and Vienna Convention risks–, Professional third-party liability, Product liability, Transportation, etc.).
  • Related to decommissioning: for the proper performance of your project while ensuring respect of the environment and public protection (risk allocation, decommissioning EAR cover, Increased Cost of Works –ICOW, waste decontamination and treatment, etc.).


Placing the client at the core of our service offering
To provide you with a fully tailor-made solution, you are at the core of our support approach. We are on hand to understand, analyze and define together your requirements in terms of nuclear risk management. To protect your interests, SIACI SAINT HONORE, which enjoys very broad scope for negotiation with all key players on the global markets, advises you on the best solution for you and ensures that your plan is properly put into place. Because our teams are very familiar with your business and the challenges you face, they will provide daily assistance that is flexible and proactive for the management of your claims.


A dedicated team at the heart of the “nuclear ecosystem”
SIACI SAINT HONORE provides you with a dedicated team that is part of the JLT « Global Nuclear Practice Group ». Made up of a dozen employees with expert profiles: engineers, nuclear industry consultants and construction specialists, this hub provides you with unique experience and expertise on the market.
The only European broker specialized in nuclear risks, SIACI SAINT HONORE enjoys privileged relationships with all key players on the global markets (nuclear pools, the main complementary providers, major global insurers and reinsurers).

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