Protecting your assets and liabilities

Third-party liability

Through its business, your company may be liable for bodily injury or material damage or financial loss caused to third parties: damage to equipment and property, injuries, operating losses, etc.
Without a third-party liability insurance, such damage could have a huge negative impact on your balance sheet and you must take out a policy that ensures the assumption of the resulting costs.
SIACI SAINT HONORE assists you in the implementation of third-party liability policies that will enable you to secure your business in the long-term by covering damage caused to third parties.


We design tailor-made solutions for all types of companies in all business sectors.


We set up Third-party Liability insurance policies to cover:
  • Public third-party liability: all types of damage caused during the exercise of your professional activities by your employees,  goods or operations at third parties’ premises.
  • Third-party liability after delivery: all types of damage caused by the products you have manufactured and delivered.
  • Professional third-party liability for intellectual services: all types of damage caused by your strictly intellectual services (for example technical consulting firms, computer engineering service providers, regulated professions, etc.).


Designing the solution that meets your needs
We are here to listen to your needs. We conduct a two-fold analysis of your situation: an exhaustive analysis of your risk exposure, and the analysis of your existing coverage (in-depth study of insurance policy wording, coverage amounts and deductible levels).This enables us to offer you insurance solutions that are perfectly in line with the risks your company is exposed to, with an optimized package in terms of price, coverage and insurance structures.
Training and prevention
To encourage skills transfer with regard to operational risk management, we offer you training and awareness modules on third-party liability issues: legal prevention, analysis of contractual clauses, complaints management, etc.


Acknowledged expertise of technical challenges
We are the leading French insurance broker with a team of specialists recognized on the insurance market from complementary backgrounds (legal experts, insurance and brokerage experts, risk managers, etc.) at your service to find the optimum solution to your insurance needs.
Our perfect knowledge of the business chain guarantees you the implementation of optimum third-party liability solutions.
Innovation: the driving force of our approach
Because your needs are unique, we design tailor-made and innovative solutions.
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