Protecting your assets and liabilities

Motor fleets

A late delivery, extended response times, a missed sales meeting, an employee seriously injured in a traffic accident, etc. Each loss event suffered by your motor fleet may disrupt your business and result in significant financial consequences.
SIACI SAINT HONORE is by your side to limit your risks as much as possible, to propose appropriate insurance solutions, manage your claims and optimize your management costs by streamlining your plans.

our clients

Our solutions cover large motor fleets owned by companies and large firms in France and worldwide, and your employees on professional assignments using their personal vehicles.

Which coverage and services do you require?

  • Third-party liability
  • Operational liability
  • Legal protection – Recourse
  • All accidental damage - vandalism
  • All accidental damage - vandalism
  • Theft
  • Fire – Explosions – Storms
  • Natural disasters
  • Driver protection
  • Terrorist acts and attacks
  • Original and customized equipment
  • Towing and jacking costs
  • Financial losses
Administration on behalf of the insurer
SIACI SAINT HONORE can manage entire Property claims and settle them within the limits of the delegation agreement negotiated with the plan’s insurer.
Administration from ground-up (Self-insurance for Property risks)
Companies with large vehicle fleets can decide to self-insure their own damage. This administration from ground-up requires:
  • a professional team,
  • responsiveness,
  • an effective tool.
Tailor-made reporting is available to each company and subsidiary and offers an overall vision of the loss experience and the self-insurance plan.
SIACI SAINT HONORE implements preventive actions to:
  • Protect and assist the management team with regard to the provisions of the labor code by identifying the road risk profile.
  • Reduce employees’ exposure to road risks.
  • Control and reduce the number of claims and improve the loss ratio.
  • Standardize the initiatives rolled out for a shared road safety policy based on joint values and criteria and consolidated results that can be used by all group managers.


Providing day-to-day personal assistance
SIACI SAINT HONORE provides your company with dedicated teams for client services, placement and claims handling. This organization allows for continuous support and in-depth understanding of your account in order to bring you the highest level of service on a daily basis.
Offering you a 24/7 vision of your plans via the Motor Fleet extranet
NYou have access to an extranet site configured in line with your organization and updated in real time.You can use the Motor Fleet extranet to:
  • Manage your fleet, add and/or remove a vehicle, print and/or download a fleet statement worldwide, 24/7,
  • Print the “Green card” insurance certificate,
  • Find out the progress of your files within your subsidiaries, submit your claims,
  • Look up information regarding your insurance plans,
  • Monitor your loss experience, download manuals and procedures.
Managing your claims efficiently
To optimize and make our exchanges with insurers more reliable, we use an EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). This tool cuts the processing time and focuses claim team activity on added-value operations.
Furthermore, SIACI SAINT HONORE has signed partnerships with networks of repairers and with automobile experts. These networks enable us to control timeframes and costs (hourly rates negotiated on a case-by-case basis, etc.) and offer solutions such as courtesy car leases, remote appraisal, the delivery of a report within 24 hours of the appraisal and photo appraisals.
Assisting you worldwide
Through our networks: Arthur J. Gallagher and the JLT International Network, SIACI SAINT HONORE assists you to coordinate, streamline, optimize and implement your international insurance solutions from a single point of contact in Paris. 


You are placed at the core of our organization
Anticipating your needs has been our driving force for more than ten years.In 2006, we developed an extranet tool to enable you to manage your motor fleet on-line.Every day, we work on high-performance tools to make motor fleet management easy and reliable.
Employee loyalty
Our team is made up of 40 people dedicated to claims and to managing your plans. This particularly competent and stable team ensures you enjoy continuous monitoring and an in-depth knowledge of the files.
Client loyalty
On average, our clients have worked with us for twelve years. This attests to the quality of our management and of the solutions we put into place.
Innovative solutions and services
In 2011, we rose to the challenge of finding an insurance solution for a new electric vehicle sharing service in Paris. Whatever your need, we are here to propose solutions.

We are launching a new mobile service: the Smartphone application “SIACI SAINT HONORE Mobile: Auto Claims services on the go”. This application will enable you to submit claims securely, geo-locate a repairer network, take photos of the scene of the event and of visible damage, etc.


On hand to answer any questions on our solutions

+33 1 44 20 94 50
Our advantages
A dedicated team of 40 people
More than50,000 claims managed in 2014
Average working relationshipwith our clients of 12 years
Fleets of 100 to 50,000 vehicles
Your global plans managed from Paris