Protecting your assets and liabilities

Directors’ liability insurance and financial risks

Executive Directors, and more generally corporate officers, are exposed to personal liability risks that are separate from those of the company they represent. Unlike shareholders, whose financial risk is limited to their contribution, the consequences of directors’ liability can result in full compensation of the loss suffered by the injured third party. It is therefore essential to cover the consequences of potential management errors or director failures with regard to the legal, regulatory or statutory obligations.
SIACI SAINT HONORE’s Assurance & Capital Partners department is specialized in liability insurance for directors and officers and corporate financial risks, particularly during public offerings or the opening up of capital to financial investors.


We design tailor-made solutions for:
  • Financial institutions such as banks, private equity firms and asset managers
  • And other industries  for any aspect of financial lines insurance


We offer you tailor-made insurance solutions for:
  • Directors’ and corporate officers’ liability risks
  • Fraud risks: to cover any fraudulent act committed with regard to insured securities or assets by employees operating alone or in collusion with third parties, or by third parties operating alone (fraud, breach of trust, forgery and falsification).
  • Employment practices liability (EPL):to cover the financial consequences (legal fees and damages following a court ruling or settlement agreement) of liability incurred by the company or its employees in the event of a breach of employment law regulations and a violation of employment practices.
  • Kidnapping & Ransom: few insurance companies offer coverage for this risk. As some insurers sign exclusivity agreements with consultants for the crisis management, the selection of an insurer is also dependent on the need to maintain your relations with a consulting firm working with you for your prevention approach and any crisis management measures already in place. SIACI SAINT HONORE assists you in selecting a consulting firm and insurance company best suited to your risk exposure.


Representation, assistance and information
We work on your behalf with insurers and assist you in the definition of coverage and amounts according to your legal and financial risk profile. We present the risk to insurers in order to obtain the best proposals from them. We assist you in the selection of an insurer and negotiate on your behalf the policy terms and conditions. In the event of a loss, we analyzeandmanage the claim. Lastly, we provide you with regular information on the market situation (insurers, coverage) and on case-law developments via alerts, “loss” information sheets or in-depth studies.


Long-standing experience in D&O insurance
Assurance & Capital Partners is theSIACI SAINT HONORE Group’s specialized department for financial risk, including as a priority directors’ and officers’ personal liability insurance. The Group has set up and manages D&O insurance for several hundred companies with very varied risk profiles: family-run companies, companies owned by financial investors, companies listed on the French or foreign stock markets, banks, private equity firms, portfolio managers, etc.
A strong ability to innovate
Our ability to innovate is demonstrated through the introduction of several types of coverage on the French market (warranty and indemnity, public offering insurance) or the improvement of texts in force (D&O liability, Fraud, Employer liability). Our internal analysis work and our legal and financial advice enable us to be a driving force behind reflection and proposals with regard to the risks to which our clients are exposed.