Protecting your assets and liabilities


Construction is an activity that is both strategic and complex to orchestrate, requiring the input of a wide range of expertise requiring an approach for sustainable development. Each project represents a significant investment that must be financially protected, as the durability of your projects, from their construction to their use, is a reflection of your expertise.

SIACI SAINT HONORE is one of the many experts who take part in your projects and assists you through the entire chain of risk exposures.


We design tailor-made solutions for consultant design and engineering companies, construction firms, building and civil engineering, and special works. These solutions are specifically adapted to your operations and the nature of the works (nuclear, hostile environments) both in France and Internationally.


We structure insurance or risk transfer strategies for all your construction projects:
  • Protection of your contracts: risks: climate, technological developments, legal uncertainties, political violence, terrorism.
  • International implementation
  • Compliance with legal, contractual and regulatory obligations.


Understanding the issues important to you
Our team is made up of specialists with a range of cross-cutting skills: legal advisors, engineers and insurance experts. They come from complementary professional backgrounds (insurance companies, professional federations, brokers, companies) which ensures their perfect knowledge of the construction industry. Between them they boast the necessary legal and technical expertise to understand and manage your risks.
Providing personalized assistance
A cross-functional team is dedicated to each client from the study phase to the expiry of coverage. Each account is followed personally, and the team in charge assists you in all phases of the project: technical studies, placement, documentary process, international servicing, claims and expert assessments. It works in close cooperation with the Claims Department to ensure the defense of your interests and compliance with your deadline requirements.

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Fifteen years of experience steering projects
We boast long-standing expertise in infrastructure and engineering activities. As specialists of major projects, we have developed a network of local partners in 135 countries, and thereby manage more than 200 international plans from our Paris offices.

Large-scale projects
We have provided coverage for large-scale construction projects such as: the Cairo underground system (Egypt), the Koutio Médipôle hospital hub (New Caledonia), highway construction in Greece, the University of Toulouse le Mirail, the Jussieu campus (Paris), the Kerino tunnel (Vannes), the Paris Criminal Investigation Directorate (DPJ), the Santé Prison (Paris), the high speed rail line SEA (France), the quay and wharf works for the Port of Pointe Noire (Congo), the Lusail Light Railway Transit system (Qatar), etc.
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