Protecting and retaining your employees

Total rewards

The current economic environment is marked by strict budgetary restrictions and regulatory complexity that require HR and C&B professionals to demonstrate technical expertise and creativity.
Companies developing on international markets must therefore successfully attract and retain their key talents in their movements across the globe .
Furthermore, the extension of working life obliges companies to reconcile the somewhat conflicting expectations of younger and more senior employees. Ensuring that the total rewards package both meets strategic goals of the company andis fairly competitive is a key challenge.


We assist HR Directors, Compensation & Benefits Managers, Financial Directors and Boards of Directors and senior management of major groups and medium-sized companies in all business sectors whether or not they are present on international markets.


We can help companies to define, position and develop their total rewards policy:

  • Participation in a salary survey: selection of appropriate surveys, methodological support to complete the survey or leverage the results.
  • Drafting of salary grids.
  • Definition or overhaul of a merit review process: performance compensation, etc.
  • Definition and implementation of an individual variable compensation system: sales incentives, commissions, bonuses, etc.
  • Bonus and profit-sharing agreements, employee savings plans: selection of criteria, financial simulations.
  • Management and optimization of Working time accounts (“CET”).
  • Monitoring and steering of total salary costs.
  • Standardization of packages: audit and mapping of existing systems, impact studies, etc.
  • Support HR teams in negotiations with employee representatives.

Specific assistance may be offered with regard to the fiscal and social optimization of packages for senior executives:

  • Audit and mapping of existing packages, benchmarking of components.
  • Feasibility study of tax optimization “tools” (articles 83, 82 and 39 of the French General Tax Code, foreign travel allowance, etc.).
  • Study of the effectiveness between bonuses and rewards from a social and fiscal standpoint.
  • Decision-making assistance regarding the tools to be used.
  • Implementation and communication regarding executive packages: drafting of individual documents (including individual pensions assessments), interviews.

On an international level, we advise companies in:

  • The drafting of an international mobility policy (expatriation, secondment).
  • The implementation of local plus packages.
  • Mapping and benchmarking of global total rewards outside of France, etc.

We also offer various types of support regarding knowledge transfer or sharing:

  • C&B on occasional highly technical assignments.
  • Individual support for a new C&B manager in a company.
  • Training managers in corporate total rewards policy, etc.



Offering consulting services that combine a strategic vision and an operational response
An in-depth analysis phase enables us to identify your company’s situation and culture, in order to fully understand your challenges and requirements. We then strive to deliver highly operational solutions that suit your specific needs.
We take particular care in communication and education in order to ensure employee endorsement during the implementation phase of the policy.



  • A single contact will assist you throughout the assignment, from strategic definition to operational implementation.
  • Our team members are HR experts, we therefore share the real difficulties encountered by our clients.
  • We work in several specialist areas: actuarial services, studies, HR expertise in order to provide you with comprehensive solutions.
  • We pay special attention to the strategic and confidential nature of reward-related assignments.
  • Our culture of providing tailor-made solutions ensures you flexibility in the implementation of your systems.
  • Our consultants are also trainers or higher education lecturers who are specialized in knowledge transfer.