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Pathways from employment to retirement

The ageing of the population results in significant imbalances in the age structure in some companies. In order to promote youth employment, while enabling employees at the end of their careers to retire on a full pension, personalized adaptation measures may be considered without the need to resort to voluntary separation plans or job-saving plans.
Backed up by our perfect knowledge of HR management challenges, SIACI SAINT HONORE assists you in the implementation of appropriate systems and measures to facilitate pathways from employment to retirement.


We assist HR Directors, officers in charge of employee relations and more broadly all persons working on the Forward-looking Management of Jobs and Skills (GPEC as “Gestion Prévisionnelle des Emplois et des Compétences” in French) and employment within companies.


We design tailor-made solutions to:
  • Manage the age structure in line with the rate of retirements
  • Facilitate the Forward-looking Management of Jobs and Skills within the company according to its restrictions and strategic choices
  • Provide individual assistance to employees to help them to understand and optimize their retirement conditions
Together, we design a set of personalized measures that will guarantee the retirement of employees aged 60 and above – and even earlier – in the best conditions:
  • Part-time work at the end of a career
  • Conventional termination of the employment contract
  • Phased retirement
  • Buying quarterly pension credits
  • Increased severance pay
  • Use of time credits (Working time account, etc.)


Selecting and calibrating measures suited to your workforce’s specific requirements
We assist Human Resources Directors in the implementation of end-of-career measures in line with employment developments. Together with the company, we select and calibrate the measures so that they are perfectly suited to each employee profile.
Endorsement through training and awareness-raising initiatives
We have created the “Retirement School” for employees, a collective training module that presents practical answers to questions regarding income and social coverage for employees approaching retirement: calculation of pension amounts, early retirement measures, life insurance and buying quarterly credits, etc. We then conduct individual interviews with employees wishing to organize their retirement, to help them to make the right decision.


Unique expertise in employee benefits management
As the leading French broker for company pension plans, we have a unique understanding of retirement mechanisms. This enables us to quantify precisely the terms of retirement for any employee: from which date the employee is entitled to a full pension, under which conditions, pension amounts, etc.  
A coordinated approach to reconcile the interests of the company and the employee
We are not specialized in corporate restructuring. Our aim is above all to promote the smooth management of skills for the company and the selection of the best end-of-career options for the employee.
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60 years: the age from which phased retirement is possible.

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