Protecting and retaining your employees

International mobility

Health problems suffered by a company’s key talents in its subsidiaries across the globe, a desire to standardize the global coverage of employees of an international organization, a optimization strategy for the international employee benefits costs of a multinational, SMEs and self-employed professionals searching for international health insurance, etc.

A company’s internationally mobile employees are at the heart of these issues and embody the current development of organizations as part of globalization.
To attract and above all retain these key talents, the international employee benefits package offered to them must be faultless, in terms of the benefits and services proposed and its cost-effectiveness.

MSH INTERNATIONAL, a wholly-owned subsidiary of SIACI SAINT HONORE, is a world leader in the design and management of international healthcare solutions: we are the daily healthcare partner for internationally mobile individuals worldwide and local high-net-worth individuals in emerging countries.


Our solutions cover:
  • Internationally mobile employees (regardless of status: expatriation, impatriation, assignment, rotation, etc.) of multinationals, International  Organizations / NGOs, medium-sized companies, SMEs and micro-businesses,
  • Mobile individuals and self-employed professionals (expatriates, impatriates, students, interns, WHV, etc.),
  • And high-net-worth individuals in emerging countries looking for private international health insurance.

which solutions do you require?

International services for companies
  • Modular solutions (for companies with 5 to 50 mobile employees) for health insurance, death & disability insurance, assistance and repatriation, and third-party liability insurance, etc.via the PREVINTER association: pooling of risks, swift implementation, advantageous benefits (no waiting periods or age limits).
  • Tailor-made solutions (for companies with more than 50 mobile employees): health insurance, death & disability insurance, assistance and repatriation, and third-party liability insurance, pensions, kidnapping/ransom, crisis management, coordination of international health check-ups, etc.: entirely tailor-made in terms of benefits and communication tools, benefits constantly adapted to meet requirements, etc.
  • TPA Solutions (third-party administration)

International services for individuals
  • Modular solutions (for less than five mobile individuals) for health insurance, death & disability insurance, assistance and repatriation, and third-party liability insurance, etc.via the ASFE association.


We advise organizations in the definition of international employee benefits plans 
To cover all risks related to healthcare, death & disability, assistance, pensions for employees, self-employed professionals and individuals, etc. regardless of their nationality, status or enrolment in a local healthcare system.

We design global insurance solutions and related services with total independence from insurers
To meet our clients’ requirements with precision, we provide either tailor-made solutions or pooled packages with a view to cost control.

We manage more than 400,000 international insured members 24/7 across the globe via:
  • 4 regional head offices: in Toronto, Paris, Dubai and Shanghai, sharing the same information system.
  • A multicultural team of administrators representing more than 60 nationalities and speaking 40 languages.
  • A network of accredited medical providers with more than 1 million of healthcare professionals in North America and more than 105 000 accredited providers across the globe, in addition to our 21 in-house doctors.
  • A quality management approach (ISO 9001) including a real-time workflow tool.

Video: The challenges of international management

 We monitor and assist our clients in their healthcare-related cost control 
We provide our clients with detailed profit and loss accounts and offer on-line access to our network of accredited providers in order to optimize the costs of their plans.
To monitor and analyze organizations’ medical consumption and thereby better protect their health, we develop appropriate prevention plans, medical assessment services, wellness and Employee Assistance Program (EAP) solutions, etc.

why choose MSH INTERNATIONAL, a company of the SIACI SAINT HONORE group?

MSH INTERNATIONAL, the French leader of the international health insurance market, is the 5th global player, with:
close client relations:
  • 4 regional head offices in Toronto, Paris, Dubai and Shanghai
  • a multicultural team representing 60 nationalities and speaking more than 40 languages.
maximum attention given to people:
  • available 24/7 for its clients via a decentralized organization
  • a genuine attachment to the human approach to health.
major flexibility in the design of tailor-made solutions and services:
  • total independence with regard to insurance companies.
  • a shared information system that is flexible and adaptable.

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