Protecting and retaining your employees

Employee pension savings plans

Faced with the deterioration of mandatory pension schemes, many companies believe that it is their responsibility to assist their employees in preparing for their retirement. This responsibility can take the form of corporate financial involvement but can also encompass an educational and awareness-raising approach to help employees to become pro-active toward retirement planning.  
At a time when pay increase budgets are highly restricted, deferred compensation components are an effective lever for employee retention and loyalty. The solutions implemented must, however, meet the needs of each population: plans based on articles 83 and 39 of the French General Tax Code, collective pension savings plan (PERCO), working time accounts (CET), etc.

Some companies have already made many plans available to their employees that are nevertheless little used or misunderstood. Employee enrolment in and endorsement of the solutions offered to them is therefore extremely important.
Against a sluggish economic backdrop in which cost cutting and financial optimization are crucial, companies must ensure that their plans are effective and financially viable.


We assist HR Directors, Compensation & Benefits Managers and Financial and Legal Directors in all business sectors. Through our training and awareness approach, we also work with employees on behalf of their employer.


We provide tailor-made assistance to implement or develop pension plans and employee savings plans: plans based on articles 39 and 83 of the French General Tax Code, PEE (company savings plans), PERCO (collective pension savings plans), etc.
  • Audit and design of target architectures
  • Management of requests for proposal : account keepers, asset managers , insurers, etc.
  • Assistance with regard to negotiations
  • Communication and training for employees

We advise companies to measure the effectiveness of their plans and to ensure that they meet their employees’ requirements.
  • Mapping of plans
  • Analysis of employee voluntary contribution and investment choices
  • Financial simulations of expected pension amounts
  • Budgetary impact studies
  • Plan optimization

We provide a range of services to raise employee awareness of preparing their retirement..
  • Individual pensions assessments: linear or complex career paths (expatriation, change of status, etc.)
  • Training sessions on-site or via web conference on mandatory and top-up pension plans, employee savings plans, financial management, etc.
  • Hosting of employment forums
  • Individual assistance for senior executives: premium pensions assessments

Lastly, we advise you on how to improve your plans’ financial performance.
  • Management of funds devoted to the financial control of your pension liabilities, via the Eparinter association
  • Audit of financial control options and recommendations for development
  • Coordination of financial reporting for pension plans and employee savings plans
  • Participation in supervisory body and monitoring committee meetings


We offer a comprehensive approach that includes strategic studies upstream and operational implementation and employee communications downstream.

Our approach is cross-disciplinary. All the areas of expertise required for your project to enjoy a successful outcome are leveraged: actuarial services, financial control consulting, legal watch, communication, etc.
We pay special attention to the educational process accompanying our approaches in order to ensure endorsement from all stakeholders.



Our Group has been specialized in pension plans for more than 20 years. Our teams provide the areas of expertise required for the implementation of your plans: actuarial services, administration, consulting services.
Managing complex situations and providing tailor-made solutions make up the backbone of our business.