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Employee Benefits

Do you lack visibility over the employee benefits plans set up for your local employees outside of France? Are you unaware of local practices and unsure with regard to compliance with regulations in each country in which your subsidiaries are based? Are your insurance policies placed with a large number of different insurers worldwide?
In addition to inappropriate coverage, the lack of visibility and coordination of your international insurance plans may result in unnecessary additional costs.
Our job is to analyze, optimize, coordinate and create together with each company the governance framework for its international employee benefit plans from a single office in Paris.


SIACI SAINT HONORE assists multinational companies operating in different countries that employ local nationals and wish to implement a comprehensive employee benefits strategy, manage or find out more about local coverage, or simply financially optimize current policies.


Comprehensive auditing

  • Assessment and analysis of your existing complementary plans for local employees in each country.
  • Analysis and comparison with local market practices (benchmarking), recommendations for improvement or adjustment, standardization and optimization strategies.
  • Assistance in the management and coordination of all complementary plans of your subsidiaries as part of the comprehensive benefits policy.


  • Support and assistance with strategic decisions made by the multinational for its global policy.
  • Organization of calls for tenders for insurers, implementation and monitoring with consultant broker partners of our network.
  • Integration in global reinsurance plans.


  • Support to create the reinsurance framework for your subsidiaries’ complementary plans through placement with a single insurer worldwide.
  • Advice when selecting a network of international insurers according to economic, geographic or other factors.
  • Negotiations of reinsurance packages and arrangement.
  • Analysis and presentation of consolidated  policies in an international account.
  • Convergence, monitoring, management and development strategies.

Consulting on international mobility policies 

  • Assistance in the drafting of an international mobility policy (expatriation, secondment).
  • Implementation of local plus packages.



Auditing and consulting
We identify the complementary plans, insurers, claims managers and brokers of your subsidiaries. We work to reorganize your plans and stakeholders in order to align them with the strategy and governance framework you have selected. We then manage your global benefits policy to ensure its long-term operation.
The on-line “My Ben&Fits” toolmakes it easy to collect data and offers you clear mapping of your company’s employee benefits.
To establish an optimization strategy for your international plans, we analyze your situation and compare it with practices on each local market. 
We help you to implement a CSR policy by creating a minimum coverage level for Health and Life risks and for savings plans.
Implementation and management
We organize calls for tenders and/or manage negotiations and readjustments of plans with the selected service providers.
We monitor reinsurance and implement a pooling plan where necessary.
We support the governance strategy selected by head office, and monitor, develop and  manage your plans on a global level.



Your international plans managed from our Paris office
SIACI SAINT HONORE provides you with a team devoted to studying and negotiating your employees’ international benefit plans. Your dedicated team is familiar with the regulations, schemes and insurance practices in many countries, and boasts a network of local specialists.
Based in Paris, it is your single contact for your international employee benefits plans..
A semi-integrated network, receptive to clients’ actual needs and satisfaction
SIACI SAINT HONORE is a partner of Arthur J. Gallagher and JLT International Network. Our actuaries, consultants and brokers rank in the top five on their markets. Our partners are selected for their professionalism, local expertise, and in-depth knowledge of their markets.


They speak about the trust they place in us

We liked the fact that the team is close and stable. We sensed that we could have a relationship of proximity with our dedicated contact persons and that we would be provided with responsiveness in terms of solutions...