Protecting and retaining your employees

Health and Life

Employee benefits are crucial to a company’s development and to its employees’ well-being. They protect employees and ensure the long-term continuation of the company’s business: an essential factor of sustainable human resources management. The optimization of health and life plans is a response to several vital objectives: cost control and risk management, the promotion of HR duties, attraction and retention of talents.
As a partner of your economic and social performance, SIACI SAINT HONORE assists you in the implementation of the best health and life plan.


We work for:
  • HR directors, Compensation & Benefits Managers and administrative directors in the private sector,
  • Representatives of branches of institutional partners (unions, federations, etc.),
  • Representatives of local and regional authorities.


We design tailor-made assistance solutions on your behalf:  


Developing tailor-made assistance solutions on your behalf, across the entire value chain
  • Strategy and employee benefits: we design the target architectures that will guide your choices in order to develop your different healthcare and death & disability plans.
  •  Labor relations: we assist you in the preparation of your consultations and negotiations and identify the arguments, opposing views and performance drivers.
  • Change management: we implement actions to encourage endorsement from employees and representative bodies and control the use and ownership of services.
  • Brokerage and investment: we manage the tender process for service providers (insurers, benefit institutions, private health insurance providers, asset managers, account-keeping institutions), compare the proposed investment vehicles and develop dedicated solutions.
  • Risk Management: we manage your risks constantly and organize corrective measures. We promote control systems, measure ROI and assess the financial and social performance of the systems implemented.
  • International: we map out and compare the systems used by your subsidiaries outside of France and assess your employee benefit plans' performance and compliance.


Striking the right economic and social balance
By adjusting our recommendations to fit your company’s strategic guidelines, we develop solutions that guarantee the right economic and social balance. In order to favor social mobilization and good labor relations, we prefer collaborative methods and knowledge transfers.
A shared culture of client satisfaction
The success of the projects you entrust to us is our primary concern. All our teams are committed to you, in terms of availability, responsiveness and results. We conduct a permanent watch with the support of our best experts, and notify you of any need to develop your plans. We continuously invest in R&D to be able to offer you innovative solutions.