Protecting and retaining your employees


Service at the core of SIACI SAINT HONORE’s concerns.


We keep you informed throughout your policy’s lifetime.
To do this, we provide HR departments, employees and employee representatives with various information and communication documents.
For insured members:
  • Viv’pratique to find out all about VIVINTER’s services, web and mobile services, reimbursement formalities, direct payments, networks, etc.,
  • Various brochures: benefit summaries, information guides offering an overview of your policy’s benefits,
  • Viv’info, the monthly newsletter that keeps insured members up to date with health issues, health insurance developments and the services on offer,

For Human Resources Directors, Compensation & Benefits Managers, Administrative and Financial Directors:
  • The C&B Mag’ newsletter: news, client feedback, case studies, etc.,
  • The HR guide: intended for HR departments, this guide presents the specific features of the various employee benefit plans implemented within the company.

We can also assist you with your internal communications during the implementation phase of your policy.


INDIVIDUAL ASSESSMENTS: promoting employee loyalty

SIACI SAINT HONORE offers you various individual assessments with a view to highlighting your HR policy, promoting employee loyalty, protecting employees’ health and helping them to prepare their retirement.

The individual employee assessment gives your employees a comprehensive view of the elements making up their compensation and rewards within your company (basic salary, variable salary, bonuses, employee savings, pension plan, healthcare/death & disability insurance, benefits in kind, services of the Works Committee, housing initiatives, working time account, etc.).

The projected resources assessment gives your employees the opportunity to simulate their resources at the end of their career according to different career developments (early retirement, unemployment, etc.).

The individual pensions assessment helps your employees to prepare their retirement. This assessment offers a simulation of income upon retirement, and an analysis of individual savings advantages.

The personalized nutrition and coaching assessment (VivinterDiet) to keep your employees in good health by offering them an analysis of their eating habits and a personalized diet plan.


As part of our constant client satisfaction approach, we conduct satisfaction surveys very regularly.
To enable you to position your company with regard to market practices, we provide you with tailor-made analyses, studies, benchmarks and watchdog documents (for example on the average reimbursements received by insured members each year by their complementary healthcare plan).

our digital Solutions

Our insured member and company extranets are personal and secure.
The Members’ Area enables employees to view their healthcare reimbursements, view and update their personal details, locate a healthcare professional, request precertification in the event of hospitalization, and much more.
An Employee Area can be added to manage group healthcare plan waivers.
The Employers’ Area enables you to manage the data concerning your employees, to view your death & disability settlements, close sick leave periods, access your policies to manage your plans, and much more.  
The VIVINTER mobile application offers various services to insured members with regard to their healthcare and death & disability plans: consultation of reimbursements, alerts when new statements are available or in the event of file updates, health information, etc. Additional services are also available such as a pill organizer to monitor daily treatment, a health directory to save all your contacts and plan your medical appointments as well as a health record book..