Protecting and retaining your employees

Actuarial services

Actuarial expertise is a key component of our consulting approach for the implementation of compensation and employee benefit systems.
It is also at the core of risk management and monitoring of the provisioning of healthcare, death & disability and additional pension plans.
As a part of our employee benefits approach, actuarial consulting services provide the power of figures, forecasting and an illustration of the quantitative impacts of the proposed measures.
SIACI SAINT HONORE has long boasted a hub of technical experts made up of qualified actuaries and actuarial technicians to support the benefit approach and provide a quantitative insight to each of its assignments.


We offer our actuarial consulting services to:
  • Corporate Compensation & Benefits Managers wishing to implement or standardize plans and convince decision-makers and insured members through a budgetary and forward-looking approach with regard to the effects of the planned measures.
  • HR Directors and steering committee members of healthcare / death & disability plans to support risk management, monitoring and decision-making assistance.
  • Consolidation directors, to assess long-term employment commitments under standard IAS19.


When you plan to conduct an actuarial consulting study, you are looking for:
  • A practical and forward-looking illustration of the effects of the planned measures to ensure more widespread endorsement.
  • Advice to optimize a situation or compare several possible decisions.
  • Expertise and compliance of estimations with accounting and insurance standards in force.
  • An independent and challenging consulting capacity with regard to the measures requested by insurers or statutory auditors.
  • Benchmarking services for your plans with comparable companies (benefits, costs, preventive measures, consumer trends, average reimbursement amounts per item, age group and socio-professional category).
For health & life
  • Technical pricing of health and death & disability benefits.
  • Standardization of plans – plan performance studies.
  • Drafting of statistical reports / validation of profit and loss accounts.
  • Forward-looking impact studies with regard to changes to benefits and/or premiums.
  • Analysis of items creating increasing costs and major consumer trends.
  • Quantitative impact studies of regulatory developments (portability under the French cross-industry agreement, responsible policies, removals from reimbursement lists, etc.).
  • Checks of the mathematical provisions for sick and disability leave.
  • Benchmarking
  • Implementation and steering of profit-sharing accounts.
  • Creation of reinsurance solutions – captive management consulting (capital at risk, accounting closure dates, etc.).
For employee pension savings plans
  • Actuarial and accounting assessments IAS 19 (IFC, jubilees, defined benefit plans, healthcare plans for retired employees).
  • Design of employee savings solutions and their articulation and relationships (company savings plans, collective pension savings plans, profit-sharing agreements, top-up payments); modeling and budget monitoring based on projections of investor behavior.
  • Optimization of the Working time account: forward-looking illustration of steering measures on obligation valuation and accounting.
  • Simulation of term savings resulting from the savings plans implemented within the company.
  • Pensions assessments and individual career reconstitutions (France and worldwide).
For total rewards
  • Optimization of the compensation policy: updating of pay scales and individual pay increase procedures.
  • Design of variable reward / incentive plan models: components, calculation and payment curves, definition of objectives and monitoring indicators.
  • Executives: mapping and benchmarking of the components of existing packages; measurement of social and fiscal efficiency, quantitative comparison of all available instruments (pensions, LTIs, bonuses for travel abroad, etc.).


  • Teams made up of IA qualified actuaries or technician statisticians experts in their field.
  • Technical expertise within the consulting teams to provide our clients with maximum added value.
  • Experience and expertise serving demanding clients.
  • Actuarial analysis and assessment tools developed to combine stability and the ability to process a large quantity of data.
  • Lastly, we stand out through our vision and tailor-made solutions.