Protecting and retaining your employees


Our areas of expertise include our consulting services with regard to strategy, management, employee benefits and organization provided to public and private companies and institutions.
As a result of our cross-cutting experience, our approaches and methods are results-oriented and focused on a return on investment.
The quality of our assignments can therefore be measured in terms of their contribution to meeting the company’s strategic targets.

Backed up by a long-standing team, SIACI SAINT HONORE puts at your disposal more than 50 experienced professionals, on hand to assist you, in France and worldwide.

 We assist you with regard to four major competitive levers:
  • Strategy & innovation,
  • Risk management,
  • Strengthening the HR footprint,
  • Steering and direct contribution to corporate financial results.

Our ambition: to contribute, over the long-term, to the development of your company’s economic and social performance.


We work with:
  • Company executives, HR Directors and Compensation & Benefits Managers in the private sector,
  • Branch representatives of institutional partners (unions, federations, etc.),
  • Executives in the field of insurance, insurers, benefit institutions and multi-sector mutual insurers, complementary insurance providers for the public sector, institutional players (statutory healthcare/pension funds).

which services do you require?

Health & Life
  • Design of healthcare and death & disability plans with a three-year steering plan.
  • Securing and optimization of existing coverage plans and assistance in anticipating regulatory developments.
  • Contribution to a quality dialogue with employees and their representatives and definition of your insurance plans.
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Employee pension savings plans
  • Repositioning performance on investment instruments (retirement benefit, supplementary pension, employee savings).
  • Focus on the importance of company savings plans and making employees take control of their pensions strategy.
  • Assistance in the implementation of plans for seniors.
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Total rewards
  • Measurement of the effectiveness of compensation for sales teams.
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Prevention and employee well-being
  • Identification and prevention of absenteeism.
  • Development of preventive solutions (nutrition, cardiovascular risks, etc.) related to health and life.
  • Design, implementation and steering of workplace quality plans.
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International solutions
  • Benchmarking of international employee benefits plans
  • Development of an international pension plan for mobile employees
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Consulting on strategy and organization
  • Strategic plan
  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Organizational models and diagnostics
  • Operational performance and steering


  • A close relationship with our teams supported by our best experts.
  • An organization on a human scale, guaranteed cross-disciplinary expertise in consulting services.
  • Our teams’ commitment to results and constant monitoring of our recommendations.
  • Our managers’ strategic insight.