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SIACI SAINT HONORE is a true “Partner of culture” through its initiatives in support of major and original cultural events but above all thanks to its patronage of art, cinema and culture in all its forms."

Our approach to culture
Culture and excellence are part of SIACI SAINT HONORE’s DNA. They are real areas of expression for our Group, which is committed to supporting diversity and access to living and artistic heritage in France and around the world. Our commitment is all the stronger because we are a leading player in the coverage of risks related to cultural events and sites, filmmaking and live performances. We support major restoration projects such as the Hôtel de la Marine, as well as events such as the Cannes Film Festival.

Naguib Boudjellal 
Director of Corporate Communications

Center for National Monuments

In keeping with its commitments and tradition of patronage of the arts and culture in all its forms, SIACI SAINT HONORE is committed to the French Center for National Monuments (Centre des monuments nationaux or CMN) and is supporting the project to contribute to the promotion and safeguarding of French heritage, in particular, with the restoration of the Hôtel de la Marine.On June 10, 2021, SIACI SAINT HONORE participated in the opening ceremony of the Hôtel de la Marine.

Cannes Film Festival

As a leading player in the coverage of risks related to the world of arts and cinema, SIACI SAINT HONORE has supported the Cannes Film Festival for many years. Culture is a special area of expression for the Group and the Cannes Film Festival is one of the most highly publicized cinematic events in the world.

Cappella Mediterranea Ensemble

SIACI SAINT HONORE is a supporting member of the Cappella Mediterranea Ensemble, founded in 2005 by the Swiss-Argentine conductor Leonardo García Alarcón.
As its name suggests, the ensemble was originally dedicated to the music of the Mediterranean basin and aims to offer a different approach to Latin baroque music. Thanks to this cultural sponsorship, we are further strengthening our image and standing as a Partner of Culture.

Our sponsorships


SIACI SAINT HONORE, VVF and Nikon joined forces to support the French Arthritis Foundation, founded by Jacques Courtin Clarins, by organizing its first open photo competition. Our aim is to make art accessible to all and our employees could be seen taking part with their cameras.


"Raymond Depardon, 1962-1963: military photographer" exhibition. This double exhibition shown in Toulon and Paris presented a selection of a hundred photographs taken by the artist during his military service. This body of work from his youth, never before shown, reveals another side of this photographer. A sensitive and committed witness to the times he lived through, Raymond Depardon paints a portrait of a country in the throes of change.


Operation Bonnard En Seine. On September 4, 2019, the Museum of Impressionism in Giverny launched a crowdfunding campaign to acquire a work by Pierre Bonnard, The Seine at Vernon, representative of the painter's stays at his home in Vernonnet. On Monday, October 21st, operation “Bonnard En Seine” was brought to a successful conclusion.
Thanks to 325 donors, a total of €61,000 was raised so that Pierre Bonnard's “The Seine at Vernon” could return to the place where it was painted and become part of the museum's recent collection.


“Colors of contemporary China. Passion of collectors” exhibition at the Museum of Saint-Rémi in Reims. For the first time, more than 100 works from the private collection of Mr. and Mrs. Pierre DONNERSBERG built up over the last twenty years, were loaned to the museum to be shown to the public.


The Chambord Library. To help promote French culture, we also support the National Estate of Chambord. The purpose of this public institution is to preserve and protect the chateau and its estate. Through its educational and promotional activities, it strives to provide universal access to culture and the national heritage.