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SIACI SAINT HONORE creates VIVINTER.Diet: an online personalized nutritional check-up for all its members, in partnership with the Clinique du Poids in Paris

05/23/2013 – Paris

SIACI SAINT HONORE, through its VIVINTER brand, dedicated to the administration of group healthcare and death & disability plans, announces the release of VIVINTER.Diet, an online personalized nutritional check-up. This exclusive new wellness service has been developed according to the LeDietmed method, in partnership with the Clinique du Poids, Paris, and will be offered to its 850,000 members.

In France, 15 million people are affected by weight gain today, i.e. 32.3% of adults while another 7 million people (15%) suffer from obesity. Among these populations, the mortality risk is multiplied by three (cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancers). To address these challenges and as part of a wellness approach, VIVINTER has decided to partner with the Clinique du Poids, Paris, and the LeDietmed method to offer its client companies, their employees and their families, an innovative and personalized service aiming to inform them about the risks resulting from unhealthy eating, help them understand and analyze their food habits and eventually advise them according to their personal requirements.

How to better prevent the risks of Malnutrition

With VIVINTER.Diet, members can complete online their eating habits from breakfast to diner at their own convenience. The tool then scans the data submitted, analyzes it and generates a comprehensive diagnosis outlining calories, nutrients, minerals and vitamins consumed. This diagnosis is then validated by a dietitian on the basis of recommended daily intake and in line with the current practices. This way, VIVINTER.Diet provides members with personalized nutritional follow-ups and makes it easier for them to control and/or adjust their dietary habits on a daily basis.
“Our wellness approach is part of our “tailor-made” culture: providing a personalized and pertinent response to the challenge faced in today’s society: malnutrition. VIVINTER.Diet manages to apply compliance and medical standards with the needs of each individual: it represents a new and innovative way to prevent malnutrition-related risks”, says Thierry Vachier, Healthcare, Life & Pensions Director of SIACI SAINT HONORE. 

David Benchetrit, Doctor and Director of research at the Clinique du Poids, Paris, who founded the LeDietmed technology with his team, adds “Eating is something we do several times a day and which is different for each individual. Just like a fingerprint, we all have a unique nutritional print. Our expert system, which combines nutritional science and artificial intelligence methods, can make thousands of calculations at the same time and identify this print for each member”.

In addition to the nutritional check-up, VIVINTER.Diet also offers many online tools and services to assist members day after day: health library, nutrition advice, recipes, newsletters, etc. Also, if members wish to find out more and follow a diet plan, they can sign in to the Diet Coach Service and benefit from preferential conditions under their healthcare coverage or on an individual basis.
“The personalized advice we provide, the 30 years of expertise of the Clinique du Poids in nutrition and innovative technology are all elements ensuring that we offer a service with high added value that meets our clients and members’ expectations”.  

SIACI SAINT HONORE is the fifth largest insurance brokerage and consulting group in France. The firm is one of the leading service providers in property & casualty insurance as well as in health & life coverage (death & disability, healthcare, retirement) in France and worldwide via its subsidiary MSH INTERNATIONAL. The firm currently employs 1,300 staff members and reported a turnover of 222.3 million Euros in 2012.
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