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MSH INTERNATIONAL launches with ASFE the 1st expatriate healthcare insurance offer designed according to the country of residence

07/10/2012 – Paris

MSH INTERNATIONAL , the consulting expert and administrator of individual healthcare insurance plans for expatriates of ASFE, Association de Services des Français de l’Etranger (Association of services to French people living abroad) launches the first international healthcare offer designed according to the country of expatriation. The objective of this new range is to provide each expatriate with the insurance plan that will best cover the healthcare costs charged in his country.


An objective analysis of customary costs charged in each country  

With 275,000 insured members across the world and 750,000 healthcare providers, MSH INTERNATIONAL records healthcare costs on a daily basis for each type of medical condition in every country. The objective analysis of this data allows MSH INTERNATIONAL to separate countries where healthcare costs are reasonable from those where costs are intermediary and those where healthcare costs are high or very high.

Thanks to this study, ASFE has been able to expand its First’Expat (healthcare insurance covering costs as of the 1st euro spent) and Relais’Expat (healthcare insurance complementary to Caisse des Français de l’Etranger) solutions by offering four different levels of healthcare coverage to its expatriate insured members (option 30, 40, 50 and 60) that perfectly match the costs charged in each country across the world. Each insured member then has a clear and simple overview of the healthcare plan to take out: he pays a fair price for his premium according to the healthcare costs of his country of expatriation.

The French population of expatriates is increasing from 3 to 4% each year. It is said to account for more than 2 million people today (1.5 million according to official census figures). In this context of significant growth, Laurent Cochet, Executive Director of MSH INTERNATIONAL, explains the reasons for this new product strategy, “Expatriates’ health is a major issue. We are aware that a significant number of expatriates still go live abroad without taking out health insurance. It is our responsibility as part of our consulting duty, to allow each insured member to know what the minimum coverage required is to go abroad with total peace of mind”.

Fabrice Tuffigo, Marketing & Individual Sales Director of MSH INTERNATIONAL, also explains, “For instance, it is absolutely vital to know, prior to leaving to the USA, which is the most favorite destination of French people, that a GP consultation may cost more than $135 and that an MRI scan (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) costs an average $1,380.”
Laurent Cochet concludes, “This new ASFE product is a guarantee of closeness and commitment, assuring a caring approach to our insured members”.

The same quality of service regardless of the level of coverage

In addition to this new range, for which the aggregate limits of benefits go from €300,000 to €900,000 depending on the option, additional benefits are also available according to the level of comfort desired (third-party liability cover, medical assistance/repatriation, death and disability benefits, etc.). Regardless of the level of coverage subscribed, expatriates benefit from the same premium service quality:
  • Claims processed all around the world within five days in more than 150 currencies
  • Direct billing for all types of healthcare in the USA
  • Direct precertification in the event of hospitalization or treatment exceeding € / US$ 400.
  • An international team available round-the-clock, 24/7, thanks to four regional headquarters in      Paris, Calgary, Dubai and Shanghai
  • Medical second opinions if you are unsure of the diagnosis you have been given
  • Secure participants’ pages on to manage healthcare benefits easily and to administer the insurance plan in a simple manner from the country of expatriation.  
About ASFE
For more than twenty years, ASFE (Association des Français de l’Etranger), a non-profit association governed by the French law of 1901 on associations, has provided all expatriates around the world with solutions in the fields of healthcare coverage, death & disability, medical assistance / repatriation and personal third-party liability.

MSH INTERNATIONAL designs and manages on behalf of ASFE its entire range of individual policies. The Group is a world leader in the design and management of international healthcare solutions for employees of multinationals, workers in international organizations, small and medium enterprises, individual expatriates and high-net-worth individuals in need of international insurance coverage. Via its 400 staff members working in four regional headquarters in Calgary, Paris, Dubai and Shanghai, MSH INTERNATIONAL provides 24/7, round-the-clock assistance to its 2,000 corporate clients and 275,000 insured members across 200 countries.

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