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MSH INTERNATIONAL launches, on behalf of the PREVINTER Association, its first International Mobility observatory

02/13/2014 – Paris

MSH INTERNATIONAL (SIACI SAINT HONORE Group), which manages PREVINTER’s entire range of group plans on its behalf, launches the first International Mobility Observatory of the association. This comprehensive overview of practices in terms of corporate management of internationally mobile employees enables each member company to compare its own practices with a broad spectrum of companies, ranging from SMEs and mid-caps to major groups.

The International Mobility Observatory of PREVINTER, conducted by the INIT Marketing Studies Institute, covers the three major chronological stages in all conventional international mobility sequences: upstream preparation of mobility, the management of employees during their assignments abroad and support for employees returning from assignments abroad. The survey, accessible on-line between July 4 and September 16, 2013, has enabled to compile the results of a representative sample of 112 companies.

Through the analysis of the results, a gap was clearly observed in the level of support provided to internationally mobile employees according to two criteria: the size of the company on the one hand and the different stages of the international mobility process on the other hand.


The major lesson learned from this survey is the major difference in the level of employee support in the three stages of their international mobility: before, during and after.

Assistance is principally provided to internationally mobile employees prior to their assignment abroad, then to a lesser extent during the assignment. Paradoxically, it is very limited upon return from the assignment, despite the crucial nature of this stage. Prior to an international mobility assignment, more than 80% of companies provide the following assistance to their employees abroad: official international mobility policy (84%), healthcare (97%) / death & disability (92%) / pensions (85%) coverage systems, coverage of visa and immigration formalities (93%), etc.

During the assignment, while 81% of companies provide a temporary housing solution upon arrival, only 49% provide for solutions to make housing safer in reputedly difficult destinations. Similarly, only 19% of companies offer psychological support to their employees. 
Lastly, upon employees’ return from assignments abroad, companies claim to see no importance in providing assistance in finding a school for their employees’ children (51% of submitted responses), job-search assistance for spouses (40% of responses) or specific HR monitoring (34%). Only post-assignment moves are covered by 89% of companies and are for the most part dealt with internally (in 51% of cases).

In 2013, the companies consulted therefore focus their efforts on the concrete and mandatory stages of departure and assignment abroad (immigration, relocation, social coverage, etc.).


Starting with the preparation of international mobility, a real divide appears in terms of the maturity of practices between major groups and mid-caps/SMEs.

While most major groups (55%) enroll their internationally mobile employees on inter-cultural courses provided by an external institution, less than one third of mid-caps and SMEs offer this service, which can also be provided internally more easily.

The tendency of major groups to outsource the more practical aspects of mobility is also reflected in how immigration formalities are dealt with (57% of major groups outsource this task while 68% of SMEs manage it internally).

The same can be said for “Compensation and Total Benefits”, with 71% of major groups offering fiscal and/or social assistance provided by an external organization, while almost one third of SMEs provide such assistance internally (32.3%).

Furthermore, two thirds of major groups (66.7%) base the level of coverage of housing expenses on external scales drawn up by specialized firms, while only 16.7% of SMEs and 25.9% of mid-caps claim to use such scales on a regular basis.

During the assignment period, 70% of SMEs claim not to see the point in offering job-search assistance to spouses, as against 32.7% for major groups.

While these results seem logical and are based on a genuine difference in human and financial resources available to support employees according to company size, they enable mid-caps and SMEs to take stock of how far they lag behind and what their must do to equal the maturity in the best international mobility practices of major groups”, stated Laurent COCHET, Executive Director of MSH INTERNATIONAL.

For Cécile RAMBAUD, Chairwoman of the PREVINTER Association: “This is the very purpose of the association: it aims to foster the day-to-day dissemination and exchange of information between its members, based on best International Mobility practices, regardless of their size or their level of experience in this field”.

MSH INTERNATIONAL manages the entire range of group plans of PREVINTER on its behalf. The group is a world leader in the design and management of international healthcare solutions for employees of multinationals, workers in international organizations, SMEs and micro-businesses, individual expatriates and local high-net-worth individuals in need of international insurance coverage. Via its 450 staff members working in four regional headquarters in Calgary, Paris, Dubai and Shanghai, MSH INTERNATIONAL provides 24/7, round-the-clock assistance to its 2,000 corporate clients and 330,000 insured members across 200 countries. MSH INTERNATIONAL, a subsidiary of SIACI SAINT HONORE, one of the leading insurance brokers in France, won the French Excellence Award in 2013 in the “Services” category.

PREVINTER is an independent non-profit association governed by the French law of 1901 on associations. It aims to promote, organize and manage the employee benefits of its member companies’ international staff. Since its creation in 1974, the association has provided its members with innovative group insurance solutions in the fields of healthcare, death & disability, assistance, third-party liability, retirement and moving insurance. A commitment to high-quality service, responsiveness and professionalism is expressed in PREVINTER’s tagline: “By your side, wherever you are”.

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