SIACI SAINT HONORE and the Energy Division work with you in the energy sector (electricity, oil, gas, renewable energies, etc.).
With the significant impact of environmental concerns, the need to take these new constraints into account is an important innovation factor: the development and operation of new energy sources, the optimization of energy efficiency, the adaptation to new regulatory frameworks, etc. This increasingly complex sector requires you to set up a stringent risk management policy.

Our clients

We design tailor-made solutions for all companies in the energy, nuclear, and onshore and offshore oil sectors.

How we support you

Understanding the issues important to you

Our team is made up of highly specialized profiles in the field of energy, oil & gas and offshore (legal experts and energy insurance specialists). They come from complementary professional backgrounds (insurance companies, professional federations, brokers, companies), giving them perfect knowledge of challenges in the sector.

Our solutions

We set up coverage appropriate to the specific features of each operation:

Infrastructure, installation of equipment, drilling, water works, offshore, etc.


We set up coverage appropriate to the specific features of each operation:

  • Protection of your interests and investments.
  • International roll-out.
  • Compliance with legal, contractual or regulatory requirements.
  • Packaged policy including construction and operations.

Our added value

Innovative solutions
Innovation is at the heart of our organization and each one of our proposals: open policies rated on turnover or with multiple sections, contract-specific policies with pre-negotiated terms and conditions, specific policies, creation of a dedicated department for players in the oil & gas and renewable energy sectors, and more.
Risk management consulting
SIACI SAINT HONORE advises and works with you throughout the project: from the negotiations with the banks and the drafting of the insurance clauses, to the roll-out of the policy and the operational monitoring of the site.
Meeting specific needs
Our teams are made up of a wide range of multidisciplinary profiles (insurance specialists, legal experts, and engineers)
We tailor our advice and recommendations to your insurance program and risk management strategy.