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Employee Benefits & Consulting. Your co-workers are your greatest asset, and their skills are essential to your company's performance. To protect employees, you need to gain their commitment and train them at every stage of their professional development. Our Employee Benefits & Consulting team works with General Management and Human Resources Divisions (large companies in the SBF120, mid-caps and SMEs) to help them promote their human capital, including through the provision of a wider range of Employee Benefits and expert advice.
" We work to enhance your economic and social performance in compliance with our social commitment. We act as entrepreneurs to mobilize and protect the human capital of your company. "

Our approach to the business
Our mission is to protect your employees in France and around the world by offering them a wider range of Employee Benefits and ethical expert advice. We are committed to contributing to the employability and performance of company employees by working with them in a partnership dynamic. We are constantly innovating to offer companies customized solutions in the fields of healthcare, life & disability and retirement with the support and advice of our specialists.

Thierry Vachier
Managing Director, Employee Benefits & Consulting - France and International

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Protecting human capital
client companies
2.5 million
insured members
€165 million
in turnover

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The Employee Benefits Blog

The Employee Benefits and Consulting team produces a specialist blog covering Health and Life & Disability, Retirement, HR Consulting and International Solutions. It presents our points of view and our analyses of topical issues.

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Launched in 2019, the S2H INSTITUTE is the SIACI SAINT HONORE Group’s think-tank. Its purpose is to contribute to long-term studies to improve Employee Benefits in France on the following themes: longevity, retirement, absenteeism, long-term care, prevention, training, etc.


EPARINTER, the Inter-Company Retirement Savings Club, specializes in the optimal management of corporate liabilities and supplementary retirement plans for large companies (end-of-career benefits, retirement benefits, Article 39, and safeguarding of pensions).

The Retirement Blog

Blog by SIACI SAINT HONORE retirement specialists, presenting articles on regulatory developments, our analyses and points of view, and topical coverage of retirement-related subjects that impact or will impact your company and your employees in the future.

Digital Lab

Organization dedicated to “digital” and data experimentation. The purpose of this Digital Lab is to provide answers to boost business development by testing market solutions on a limited scale before they are rolled out. Based on actual cases, related to business issues, the Digital Lab rethinks how collected data is used and exploited and how digital channels can improve the business process, the customer experience (simplified applications for insurance, claims, etc.), and the acquisition pathways, while imagining future offerings.

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