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Diot-Siaci and Equanim sign an unprecedented agreement promoting the amicable resolution of disputes

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Published on 1/23/23
Paris, October 12, 2022 - The Diot-Siaci Group, the European leader in corporate
insurance consulting and brokerage, and EQUANIM INTERNATIONAL, the
French platform for international mediation, announce the conclusion of an
unprecedented agreement to promote the amicable resolution of pre-litigation
and litigation situations through mediation between DIOT-SIACI's corporate
clients, their insurers and the parties involved.
DIOT-SIACI is convinced of the importance of mediation, due to the speed, confidentiality and efficiency of this process, and has made a strong commitment to alternative dispute resolution by entering into an agreement with Equanim International to promote amicable settlements.

The leader in insurance consulting and brokerage wishes to offer its corporate clients the best solutions for the swift and efficient prevention and management of their prelitigation and litigation situations with an insurance component.

EQUANIM INTERNATIONAL provides customized mediation services to companies, allowing the discussion framework to be adapted to the specificities of the pre-litigation and litigation situations being faced. This new, proactive and constructive approach to mediation offers the possibility of bringing global and negotiated solutions to complex problems.

To this end, DIOT-SIACI and EQUANIM INTERNATIONAL have decided to combine their expertise in order to: 
  • study and analyze the specific needs and expectations around mediation that could be made available to DIOT-SIACI's clients, and to insurers; 
  • in compliance with any confidentiality obligations to which the Parties may be subject, identify practical cases of situations which may be solved amicably thanks to the intervention of Equanim International and with the assistance of DIOT-SIACI;
  • design a mediation offering adapted to DIOT-SIACI's business, and that of its clients and their insurers;
  • ensure better guidance, awareness-raising and communication among players in support of mediation.

Cédric Charpentier, Global CEO of DIOT-SIACI, is delighted: "The conclusion of this agreement designed to promote the use of amicable settlement of pre-litigation and litigation situations faced by our Group's client companies is an effective tool to support our clients."

Matthias Fekl, founding partner of EQUANIM INTERNATIONAL, said: "Equanim International is proud of this agreement. I salute the strong commitment of the French and European market leader in insurance consulting and brokerage and its management team to a modern, proven and innovative approach to mediation."

About Diot-Siaci

Diot-Siaci is a leading multi-specialist insurance and reinsurance brokerage and consulting group in France and Europe, with a presence in Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Diot-Siaci designs and develops innovative solutions tailored to the needs of its clients, including large and mid-cap companies, SMEs/SMIs, and professionals, in both personal insurance and property and liability insurance. Diot-Siaci has a stable, family-owned shareholding base which means it can support its clients in their transformation by meeting their needs across the entire value chain in Property & Casualty, Marine & Cargo, Professional Liability, Employee Benefits and Consulting, and International Mobility. With almost 5,000 employees and an extensive international network, the Group operates worldwide and generated revenue of almost €730 million in 2021.


Created in 2021, EQUANIM is the first international business mediation platform adapted to international and/or complex disputes. It was born of the desire to encourage companies to make greater use of mediation, which is still underused in business life. To this end, it provides the services of mediators appointed on the basis of their skills and experience, to propose the framework that best facilitates the search for an agreement in any field of business life, including litigation involving insurance claims.
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