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DIOT-SIACI provides cancer prevention support to employees in partnering with PREDILIFE

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Published on 11/8/22
For Pink October, breast cancer awareness month, the Diot-Siaci Group, a European leader in insurance consulting and brokerage for companies, has announced a partnership with PREDILIFE (Euronext Growth: ALPRE FR0010169920) to further cancer prevention within labor organizations.
Paris, October 13th, 2022 - 08:00 CET – Pink October reminds us of the need to step up breast cancer awareness and early detection. In France, one woman in eight develops breast cancer during their lifetime. While one quarter of women concerned contract the disease before turning fifty, the national screening age in France, almost half receive the diagnosis while in employment. Aware of this public health challenge, the Diot-Siaci Group has partnered with PREDILIFE to support employees in relation to cancer prevention.

A partnership to further cancer prevention and screening in companies

Working with Human Resources departments, the Diot-Siaci Group provides its clients with preventive health services (work-life balance, support for caregivers, etc.). Committed to an innovative and inclusive CSR policy, the Group now offers its client companies a new solution to combat cancer, and breast cancer in particular, in partnership with PREDILIFE.

Founded in 2004, PREDILIFE designs and markets preventive medicine tests with a view to defining profiles at risk of contracting serious diseases. Using artificial intelligence, it works to predict the occurrence of breast cancer and improve prevention through a personalized and early approach. Roll-out of a fully personalized occupational health service

Through this partnership, Diot-Siaci and PREDILIFE offer individual consultations that are 100% personalized to employees.

In compliance with health data protection requirements, this system offers a comprehensive prevention plan with an initial remote consultation followed by a health questionnaire aimed at assessing health risks. This questionnaire is rounded off by a salivary test for genotyping and, according to the assessment type, prescription tests.

A second remote consultation is an opportunity to discuss the results, inform the employee of their absolute risk of contracting cancer and to provide them with a personalized monitoring protocol.

To roll out this plan, a comprehensive communication campaign to raise employees’ awareness of this new service is offered to client companies and their HR teams.

Benefits seen for employees

While eight out of ten working people claim to be in favor of regular awareness initiatives, this solution is also a response to deep concern felt by employees and a major public health challenge.

Diot-Siaci’s HR consulting experts have noted improved well-being among female employees. The fact that the approach is so simple, with remote consultations not taking up time, fosters prevention without impacting employees’ working conditions.

Positioned at the heart of public health challenges, the companies enjoying this service have seen the commitment of their female employees increase and have improved the scope of inclusion of their occupational health policy through a personalized approach.

“At a time when we are all striving to combat breast cancer, at Diot-Siaci we are proud to encourage labor organizations and female employees to become fully-fledged stakeholders in their health. With this new solution, companies are also becoming driving forces for good health”, notes Myriam El Khomri, Director of Consulting at Diot-Siaci.

“We are delighted with this partnership with Diot-Siaci, which has tested our service with one of its client companies and which, given the good results, has decided to offer this solution to all its clients. This agreement with the leading European brokerage company will enable us to step up the roll-out of our service among European companies and their female employees”, added Stéphane Ragusa, CEO of Predilife.

About Diot-Siaci
Diot-Siaci is a leading multi-specialist insurance and reinsurance brokerage and consulting group in France and Europe, with a presence in Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Diot-Siaci designs and develops innovative solutions tailored to the needs of its clients, including large and mid-cap companies, SMEs/SMIs, and professionals, in both personal insurance and property and liability insurance. Diot-Siaci has a stable, family-owned shareholding base which means it can support its clients in their transformation by meeting their needs across the entire value chain in Property & Casualty, Marine & Cargo, Professional Liability, Employee Benefits and Consulting, and International Mobility. With almost 5,000 employees and an extensive international network, the Group operates worldwide and generated revenue of almost €730 million in 2021.

About Predilife
PREDILIFE is a pioneering company in the design and development of predictive tests that could enable each person to define their risk profile in relation to the occurrence of serious diseases. It uses artificial intelligence methods applied to data from medical, clinical, genetic, imaging and other fields. PREDILIFE markets Mammorisk® in Europe, a predictive test for breast cancer risks. The company has begun to extend this service to other serious diseases.

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