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SIACI SAINT HONORE and the Design Consultancies & Engineering Firms Division work with you and provide you with insurance solutions, whatever your profile.
The appearance of cracks and seepage on a bridge, the collapse of a warehouse, environmental pollution, death of a vehicle driver as a result of faulty lighting on the road ….
As the person in charge of studying and designing a project, and of the supervision of its completion, you may be held liable for significant amounts that could endanger the long-term continuity and operation of your company.

Our clients

Our solutions cover technical design consultancies and engineering firms working on contracts across all sectors: 
  • Construction
  • Infrastructure
  • Industry
  • Telecommunications
  • New technologies
  • Energy

How we support you

Audit and analysis of your risks

Your risks depend on your working methods, your requirements and limitations, your clients, your contractual undertakings, etc.
SIACI SAINT HONORE performs an analysis on-site or based on documents. Your loss experience is also studied in order to implement preventive measures.

Underwriting and management of your policy
SIACI SAINT HONORE sets up a unit dedicated to your business in charge of underwriting, placement and technical advice.
Our responsive team, backed up by more than ten years of experience, will manage:
  • the issuance of annual certificates,
  • the negotiation of policy limits if required,
  • the drafting of accounting documents,
  • the issuance of project or site specific certificates,
  • the settlement of claims.

Our solutions

SIACI SAINT HONORE has set up and developed a framework of professional insurance policies

 Your professional insurance coverage:
  • Operating and Professional Liability
  • Decennial Liability
  • Professional Liability for asbestos


SIACI SAINT HONORE has set up and developed a framework of professional insurance policies

Other coverage available for your company:
  • Directors’ and Officers’ Liability
  • Life & Disability Group Plans, Complementary Healthcare Plans
  • Pension Plans
  • Healthcare Coverage for Expatriates
  • Comprehensive Office Package / Computer All risks
  • Machine Breakdown
  • Motor Fleet Insurance

Our added value

Proactive proposal of specific insurance solutions for design consultancies & engineering firms
These solutions are negotiated on a long-term basis with leading insurers. Our solutions offer the most competitive rates in the market.
A team of specialists in contracting
We understand your challenges, and offer insurance solutions that meet your needs, and at the best price.
Professionals that assist you worldwide
Our department dedicated to the international implementation of your insurance programs: a guaranteed standard of service quality across the globe.
A highly efficient extranet
We provide access to an extranet accessible 24/7 that is updated in real time. This tool will enable you to monitor your claims on-line and to manage your insurance policy effectively.