SIACI SAINT HONORE and the Construction Division work with you in all your projects and throughout the entire risk chain.
Construction is a complex sector requiring input from a wide variety of trades with different types of expertise. Each project has its own specific challenges and risks that need to be identified and secured. From their design to their end-use, the sustainability of your projects depends on a multitude of internal and external factors, regardless of their size, nature or geographical location.

Our clients

We develop customized solutions for design consultancies, construction companies (building, civil engineering and special works) and property developers.

Our solutions are tailored to the activity and the environment (e.g. nuclear, hostile environments, marine works, etc.) in France and around the world.

How we support you

Management and control

Our teams are made up of a wide range of multidisciplinary profiles (insurance specialists, legal experts, and engineers). Our team members come from various complementary professional backgrounds (insurers, professional federations, brokers, and companies) which means they have a thorough understanding of the construction industry. Using our skills and expertise, we analyze your risks, and with our knowledge of the market, can handle the most complex situations in France and abroad.


A multi-skilled team is dedicated to each client from the study phase to the expiry of coverage. Each account is followed personally, and the team in charge assists you in all phases of the project: technical studies, placement, documentary process, international servicing, claims and expert assessments. This team works to ensure your interests are protected and your deadlines are met.

Our solutions

Protecting your markets:

Climate and/or technology risks, legislative developments and/or uncertainties, political violence, terrorism, and pandemics


We structure insurance or risk transfer programs for all your projects:

International roll-out


With legal, contractual and regulatory obligations.

Our added value

We boast long-standing expertise in infrastructure and engineering activities.
A network of partners
As specialists in large-scale projects, we have developed a network of local partners in 135 countries.
International programs
We manage over 200 international programs from Paris.
Meeting specific needs
Our teams are made up of a wide range of multidisciplinary profiles (insurance specialists, legal experts, and engineers).