Career Development

Because each person’s development and success contribute to the success of the entire company, the management and human resources department offer you personalized training and assistance throughout your career within the Group.


To make your first steps within the company easier, and to offer each of you a common foundation of skills and help you to get to know each other, SIACI SAINT HONORE organizes an induction workshop for new employees three to four times a year. You will therefore take part in a day during which the Group’s market environment, organization, business areas, position and overall strategy will be presented to you.
This special day is an opportunity to meet the members of the Executive Committee, the main business directors and other new employees.

Moreover, regardless of your business and expertise, you can always count on a good working environment, the support of your team and training courses that are specifically suited to the issues you encounter in your business area and duties, as well as on our drive to help you feel quickly at ease.


Each year, a personalized training plan is drawn up to develop and add to your skills and practices. In total, more than 3.24% of the payroll is devoted to training each year, representing 17,000 hours of training courses provided in 2018 (in France).

Many training programs (blended-learning) are available to provide you with the assistance you need depending on your corporate objectives: e-learning, on-line classes, lunch-learning, coaching, etc.

We offer you a comprehensive system of annual interviews based on your skills and command of your position, your motivation and your short-, medium- and long-term career plans.

Key figures
+ 500 persons recruited/year
+ 3 000 employees
6,6 years of seniority on average
40 years average age