Life quality in the workplace


Health is one of our core businesses. Promoting health is also acting in favor of the company and society as a whole, and protecting our most valuable asset.

Well-being in the workplace policies and organizational issues are key challenges for our Group and are at the center of professional relations between employees and their representatives.

These ties have been fostered with the Health & Safety Committee, the Works Committee and the Occupational Health representative in order to work together on these issues and consider individual difficulties as part of a collective analysis.

These various actions became part of an official framework in 2010 through the signature of the “Engage¬ment en faveur du bien-être au travail et du droit universel à la santé” (Commitment in favor of well-being in the workplace and the universal right to health) by the Observatoire Social International (OSI).

DWe also strive to be a driving force for well-being by training and raising awareness among all our managers to act as key contacts in the transmission of our policy on the quality of work life.

Our focus on Group employee well-being has also been embodied through an internal social climate survey that will be renewed on a periodic basis in order to pinpoint our employees’ concerns and provide practical solutions.

2018 social climate survey:

  • 92% of employees are proud to work within the Group
  • 87% of employees feel the work in a good atmosphere
  • 90% of employees have confidence in the future of the Group
  • 90% of employees have a good image of the Group


Key figures
+ 500 persons recruited/year
+ 3 000 employees
6,6 years of seniority on average
40 years average age