Community initiatives and sustainable development

As a major player in the protection of individuals and property, we wish to incorporate social and environmental issues more broadly into our decisions and businesses.The Group is therefore committed to raising employee and partner awareness by developing practical initiatives with regard to corporate social responsibility. .

supporting community initiatives

L’Arrondi Solidaire, set up in 2013, is an innovative and voluntary donation collection scheme via salaries. Employees who wish to may donate cents from their salary and SIACI SAINT HONORE matches and doubles the amounts donated. Therefore, €1 donated by an employee = €2 paid by SIACI SAINT HONORE = €3 collected for our partner associations PlaNet Finance and Adie.

The donations collected are invested in projects in favor of business creation, employment and access to healthcare.

Each year, SIACI SAINT HONORE donates to the French Red Cross and supports a project in one of the many sectors in which it is active: healthcare, independent living support, emergency assistance and first aid, social outreach programs, training and international solidarity.

Our socially responsible commitments are rolled out across the globe, with breast cancer support in Dubai, local assistance in Canada and initiatives to help underprivileged children in China, etc.


Eco-friendly habits
By implementing and disseminating our eco-friendly habits, we incite employees to adopt simple actions to save on electricity, water and paper, to recycle and to use “clean” transportation.

Paperless administration and recycling
To cut our paper consumption, we have switched to paperless administration and have adopted electronic document management (EDM) internally and developed functions on our Extranets. In addition, as part of our “Green IT” approach, we favor high-performance technical solutions that help to control energy consumption and recycle our IT equipment and consumables.

United Carbon Action
NWe have set up a partnership with United Carbon Action, a program operated by the GoodPlanet Foundation, in order to offset the CO2 emissions related to all air travel to our main subsidiaries abroad.


Key figures
+ 500 persons recruited/year
+ 3 000 employees
6,6 years of seniority on average
40 years average age