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Through the acquisition of URIOS, Diot-Siaci strengthens its position as the leading broker specializing in client risk

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Published on 12/1/22
Paris, December 1, 2022 - Diot-Siaci, the French and European leader in insurance brokerage, announces the acquisition of URIOS, strengthening its credit insurance offering.
Given the expected rise in the number of corporate failures in France and internationally, the traditional credit insurance market may downgrade its commitments in terms of customer risk.

To meet these challenges, the Diot-Siaci Group is increasing its investments in this insurance line with the acquisition of 80% of URIOS. The remaining capital is held by Didier Monteiro, Adeline Lobey-Monteiro and the company's management team. With this operation, Diot-Siaci is expanding its high value-added consulting offering to the entire corporate finance function - credit managers, treasurers and finance directors - providing them with new solutions to cover the risk.

Through its dedicated credit insurance entity, the Diot-Siaci Group is the leading broker specializing in credit insurance, bonds and financing on the French market. It also has a strong international presence as a member of the ICBA network of the world's largest independent brokers specializing in credit insurance and receivables financing.

URIOS was created in 1994 and acquired in 2012 by the Lobey-Monteiro family with the support of the Naxicap Small Cap fund.

Over the last five years, URIOS has seen average annual growth of more than 14% and expects to reach turnover of €16.5 million in 2022. The group has unique expertise in financial analysis and strategic intelligence making it possible to verify the solvency, sustainability and probity of companies in real time.

With this expertise in terms of client and supplier risk assessment, URIOS has developed an innovative "single risk" credit insurance offering in partnership with the key players in the insurance industry. This coverage aims to satisfy the needs of suppliers with respect to one or more of their buyers when market capacity is insufficient. "Reverse" coverage is also the pillar of reverse factoring, an effective business financing tool and catalyst for growth.

Lastly, URIOS publishes and markets Cash & Credit, a software package for the automation of collection and credit management. This solution highlights the strategic role of receivables management in companies.

"The acquisition of URIOS, alongside Didier Monteiro, Adeline Lobey-Monteiro and the management team, opens up new prospects for providing high value-added solutions to corporate finance divisions, both in credit insurance and financing, such as reverse factoring, as well as financial and strategic analysis", Diot-Siaci directors Pierre Donnersberg and Christian Burrus were pleased to announce.

"Becoming part of Diot-Siaci is an opportunity for URIOS to accelerate the roll-out of its innovative offeringsin France and internationally. More than ever, URIOS is working closely with companies to assist them with their risk, WCR and cash flow issues", underlined Adeline LobeyMonteiro and Didier Monteiro.

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Diot-Siaci is a leading multi-specialist insurance and reinsurance brokerage and consulting group in France and Europe, with a presence in Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Diot-Siaci designs and develops innovative solutions tailored to the needs of its clients, including large and mid-cap companies, SMEs/SMIs, and professionals, in both personal insurance and property and liability insurance. Diot-Siaci has a stable, family-owned shareholding base which means it can support its clients in their transformation by meeting their needs across the entire value chain in Property & Casualty, Employee Benefits and Consulting, Credit Insurance, Bonds, and Financing. With almost 5,000 employees and an extensive international network, the Group operates worldwide and generated revenue of almost €730 million in 2021.
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