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SIACI SAINT HONORE: You have conducted an audit of your international employee benefits, what was the background to this project and what were your goals at the outset?
Thierry Raulin: Sustainable development is a strategic driver for the JCDecaux group. Therefore we wanted to roll-out the HR aspect of this strategy by pooling our life & disability solutions for all our employees across the globe. This process was also an opportunity to draw up a detailed mapping of the situations of our subsidiaries in terms of employee benefits. With more than 15,000 employees working in around sixty countries, our organization faces a wide variety of situations. We have 130 subsidiaries of varying sizes that do not necessarily apply the same HR policy. This is why it was important to conduct this audit of our existing solutions beforehand.

SIACI SAINT HONORE: What were your needs and requirements? How did you select the organization in charge of auditing your international benefits?
Thierry Raulin
: To be able to conduct such a major and complex project, we needed to have an expert with in-depth knowledge of the subject, who would adapt to our situation. JCDecaux is an innovative company that fosters creativity and new solutions. We were also looking for a company on a human scale with which we could build a relationship of mutual trust and partnership.

SIACI SAINT HONORE: Why did you choose SIACI SAINT HONORE? What stood out in their proposal?
Thierry Raulin
: We liked the fact that the team is close and stable. We sensed that we could have a relationship of proximity with our dedicated contact persons and that we would be provided with responsiveness in terms of solutions. The proposal we received was centered around a tailor-made approach and provided a realistic response to the impacts of pooling, which was for us a guarantee of reliable solutions. Also, the rates presented were simple, fair and clear.

SIACI SAINT HONORE: Which lessons have you learned from the implementation of this project?
Thierry Raulin
: Time is a key resource. Listing all existing solutions in terms of life & disability, healthcare and retirement for 15,000 employees is not an easy task. You need to anticipate its implementation properly, even more so because the data used is complex and sensitive. Finally, this factor is also essential in the implementation of a pool as it requires some time before it can be really successful. Anticipation is the key word!

SIACI SAINT HONORE: Where are you now? What are your projects?
Thierry Raulin
: We have completed the audit and submitted the resulting conclusions to the Board of Directors, which has enabled us to build our road map for the new projects to come. Now we need to transmit this information to our subsidiaries. We are going to set-up an initial pool for three countries in partnership with Swiss Life. The objective is to have the greatest number of countries joining this pool. We have just integrated two new entities in Latin America which account for several hundred employees. Therefore the scope of the audit will have to be extended to take these new structures into account. Finally, the emergence of a shared social base on the long-term for all group employees is a prospect that this first step and first steering tools could enable us to consider.


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