Protecting and retaining your employees

Administration of healthcare and death & disability plans

Employee benefits are crucial to a company’s development and to its employees’ well-being. They protect employees and ensure the long-term continuation of the company’s business: an essential factor of sustainable human resources management that ensures employees appropriate protection and rewards their personal commitment. For the company, a good benefits package is an effective way of retaining and motivating employees.

VIVINTER is the SIACI SAINT HONORE group’s brand that administers the complementary reimbursement of healthcare and death & disability expenses on behalf of your company.


We administer death & disability and healthcare plans for medium-sized and major companies offering complementary coverage to their employees.


Our claims department offers you:
  • Guaranteed neutrality through the independence of its services and the sharing of tasks between two sets of stakeholders (insurers and administrators)
  • Reliable and rapid reimbursements
  • The option of white label administration

How we assist you

Efficient professing of client requests
We favor excellent client relations, and constantly do our utmost to make each contact a personalized and positive experience. All our claims administrators work with the single aim of satisfying your requirements. While undertaking to provide you with a response as quickly as possible, we value the importance of human contact for an ideal management of your healthcare and death & disability benefit
Streamlined organization
We have implemented various computer systems that make it easier to manage reimbursements. In order to improve claim follow-ups, we have a tool that centralizes telephone and email exchanges. We also develop on-line paperless tools to collect supporting documents (proof of full-time studies for adult children, healthcare expense receipts, etc.).

Find out more about our teams through this film (in french):


The 230 employees of the administration platform work every day for client satisfaction and process optimization.


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Our advantages
910,000 insured members in France
Almost1 million telephone calls received each year
Client satisfaction rate of 92%