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Administration of pension and early retirement plans

The regulatory framework for supplementary pension and early retirement plans is complex and constantly changing. The benefits offered by such plans often represent significant amounts. These plans attest to the company’s commitment to assist its former employees during their retirement or early retirement period, and as such must be both successfully promoted and managed.

It is not, however, always justified or strategic for the company to:

  • Continue to pay benefits and maintain relations with its retired and pre-retired employees,
  • Maintain an internal team with a sufficient level of expertise to cover the entire administration of a plan and to react to regulatory developments,
  • Maintain an information system at the required level in order to manage administration tasks that differ from conventional payroll management.

At the same time, any insurers of these plans do not always set up communications or dedicated services to manage complex plans or employee situations.

SIACI SAINT HONORE has a long-standing position on the administrative management delegation segment with key services: development of company rewards, assistance in liquidation, implementation of payment and declarations circuits with third-party organizations, a high-quality hotline for pensioners, consulting services and strict monitoring of operations for the client company.


We offer our administration services to:

  •  Company HR directors wishing to implement a tailor-made administration service for their early retirement or pension plans for senior executives,
  •  Company pension plans(former supplementary pensions institutions (IRS) converted into supplementary pensions administration institutions (IGRS) for example) or dedicated HR departments that internally manage their pensioners entitled to supplementary pension benefits (article 39 of the French General Tax Code, point-based plans, etc.).


When you are considering delegating pension or early retirement plans, you are looking for:

  • Expertise and regulatory compliance over the long term.
  • Stability and service continuity with regard to long commitments.
  •  The same type of services hitherto provided internally for your pensioners.
  •  Attractive communication services for pensioners and detailed reports to enable you to steer the delegation of administration..



We act as the company’s expert contact for these issues
We therefore undertake to provide:
  • A service guarantee in accordance with customs and regulations (regular audits of companies or insurers having delegated their administrative management to us),
  • Unbroken relations and a maintained culture of the company in which the former employees spent part of their career (knowledge of the corporate environment, company history, link with the company maintained).
We become the key contact for administrative steering, guaranteeing the knowledge and monitoring of plans, their social and fiscal environment and the employers’ financial commitments.

Our teams invest much of their time and energy in ensuring a seamless transition or implementation of the plan to secure data and processes and also to collect informal information and factors of the company’s culture or history.

Our fifteen administrators greet pensioners and answer their questions: the hotline is personalized and the responses are given by the plans’ contacts (no anonymous call center).

Our operating methods and our quality performance indicators are adapted to each client’s needs and are validated by them.

Our service commitments are made official in a service-level agreement.

 The company is released from the administration of the plan but remains informed of the operations conducted through our periodical reports and the monitoring committee meetings in which we play an active role.

 Our tools are maintained by our internal project management departments and are regularly audited to ensure that the data and plans are processed securely and remain fully confidential. We have a very strict business continuity and data back-up plan and hosting procedures.
Lastly, we work with an external firm specialized in labor law for our legal watch and tax and social security deductions..


  •  A strong culture driven by the provision of services and appropriate communications, both to plan sponsors/employers and to pensioners and access to multiple and complementary services regarding retirement and the end of careers
  • Experience and expertise spanning 30 years
  • A portfolio of around 34,600 pensioners and pre-retired employees and major references
  • Quality acknowledged by our clients
  • Stable expert teams: 16 dedicated administrators currently employed
  • Appropriate administration tools able to cope with the volume and complex nature of plans
  • Reports and chairing of monitoring committee meetings to meet the requirements of the client company
  • Secure processes and data
  • Lastly, responsiveness and tailor-made solutions representing key differentiating factors
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