Protecting your assets and liabilities

Museums, exhibitions and art professionals

Our core business: protecting works of art

We use our expertise to protect your works of art during exhibitions, carriage and restoration. Works of art may be damaged during such events, particularly when they are handled, subject to an accident during carriage, bumped by a visitor, kept at excessive temperatures or under inappropriate lighting.

Insurance requirements are assessed specifically, according to the type of collection, country and exhibition venue: in terms of both financial compensation and restoration costs.

In the event of a total loss with regard to a work of art, we set a fair and balanced compensation amount by taking into account the work’s financial value and its fluctuation on the market. In the event of a partial loss, we estimate compensation on the basis of the type and extent of damage, also considering the work’s depreciation following its restoration.

A.R.T, insurance broker for works of art on behalf of art professionals, museums and exhibitions, a company of the SIACI SAINT HONORE Group, studies your needs in total trust and confidentiality, and provides you with tailor-made insurance solutions.


Museums and art professionals: for owners, lenders and borrowers
More specifically, our solutions cover, in all locations and across the globe:

- Museums and public bodies
- Institutions and foundations
- Local and regional authorities
Art professionals
- Restorers of works of art
- Experts
- Gallery owners
- Antique dealers
- Auction houses
- Carriers of works of art
- temporary exhibitions,
- traveling exhibitions,
- the carriage of works of art,
- loans and acquisitions of works of art,
- the display or storage of your permanent collections,
- exhibition and display of works for sale,
- specific events, shoots,
- restoration operations,


We design specific insurance plans such as:
- Comprehensive coverage for museums (in particular for your collections)
- Comprehensive coverage for exhibitions (loans granted or received)
- Domestic and international carriage, intermediaries
Art professionals
We also study a specific and dedicated proposal:
- Comprehensive insurance of works of art to cover the “stock” entrusted or belonging to the professional, including damage, theft, vandalism, acts of terrorism, natural disasters, and during carriage.
Insurance of premises, to cover the premises, embellishments, professional and computer equipment, as well as business interruption and business value.
- Professional activity insurance, to cover third-party liability incurred by the expert in conducting his/her business activity.


Designing solutions and negotiating with leading players on the art market
With strong experience in public procurement, we comply with specifications/schedules of specific clauses to leverage our specific expertise, with a team dedicated to this special system, particularly focused on analysis and management/reporting.

Analyzing and managing your claims
We are by your side and responsive in the event of a claim, and manage your file for rapid compensation in accordance with standard practice and based on the type and extent of damage.

Negotiating and acting on your behalf
We work with preferred partners who are well-known in the field of art:
Lloyd’s (of whom we are an agent), AXA Art, XL, Hiscox, and also Covéa, Allianz, etc.

Deeply rooted in the way we conduct our business and in our culture, our values guide our commitment to clients on a daily basis.
  • Client satisfaction, our objective,
  • Availability, our culture,
  • Innovation, our driving force,
  • Independence, our conviction.


Tailor-made assistance, perfect knowledge of the issues you face
  • Twofold expertise with regard to insurance and works of art
  • An international network of insurers and experts specialized in each field of art.
  • A personalized service, with fast claims management in the event of a loss and specific advice regarding restoration.
  • A high level of responsiveness in the event of a claim thanks to the financial and legal delegation agreements granted by insurers.