Protecting your assets and liabilities

Audiovisual risks

Unavailability of key people such as an actor, director or singer due to an accident or sickness, theft of technical equipment, vandalized set or props, unstable political situation or unavailability of a filming location or venue following the withdrawal of authorization for security reasons…
These events may result in delays or even production stoppages, disastrous financial consequences and the risk of failing to complete your project.
As a professional in the audiovisual and media sector, SIACI SAINT HONORE is by your side to foresee and mitigate as much as possible your risks and to provide the best protection for your projects.


Our solutions cover:
  • Audiovisual productions (short and feature films, television documentaries, institutional films, video clips, etc.),
  • Shows (theater plays, one-man shows, musicals, concerts),
  • Event venues (festivals, fairs, trade shows, etc.),,
  • Visual arts service providers (camera rental companies, technical equipment rental, etc.).


Coverage specific to audiovisual productions / Comprehensive production coverage
  • Pre-production,Production, Support,Negatives,Faulty Equipment,stage Furnishings,Costumes,Accessories, Technical Equipment,Additional Costs,
  • Third-party Liability: coverage of damage caused to third parties,bodily injury,material damage and financial loss.
  • Errors and Omissions (Third-party liability coverage for the copyright chain)
  • Political risks,Risks of war: this coverage must be considered when shooting is planned in countries with unstable or unpredictable political situations.
  • Financial risks
  • Weather Insurance, etc

Coverage of property
  •  Comprehensive coverage of equipment:
  •  Multi-risk insurance for buildings, offices, vehicles, Organizers’ third-party liability, etc.

Coverage for people / Production coverage
  • Personal Accident / Assistance Repatriation coverage,
  • Complementary health insurance for permanent employees, contract workers,,
  • Life insurance,
  • Key person coverage,
  • Liability insurance for Company Directors and Officers, etc.

Cancellation insurance for events, shows, sporting events (theater, shows, festivals, etc.)

Performance guarantee
Coverage guaranteeing that the film, or television film, will be completed and issued to the distributor in line with the defined budgets, work plans and scripts. This coverage concerns shooting with a budget exceeding €5,000,000.


A comprehensive audit of your risks
Each project is different and has its own specific requirements. We audit and analyze with you the possibility of financial losses related to pre-production / production and post-production risks. According to the scenario and work schedule, this leads us to focus on the aggravating factors that will require specific coverage. We then provide a quantitative assessment of your risks.

Negotiations with the top insurers
We select for you a service provider with the necessary financial capacity to be able to fulfill obligations. Our bargaining power ensures that you obtain coverage in appropriate conditions and at the best rate.

As a specialist in insurance for both people and property, SIACI SAINT HONORE provides you with the most appropriate coverage for your specific situation.


Specialization in audiovisual and media insurance
The cross-cutting nature of risks inherent to this sector requires a fully rounded vision. We know your business. We know what can be insured, what cannot, and how insurers operate. We provide a comprehensive and multi-faceted solution.

Our professionals assist you worldwide
Your projects do not concern just France, and each country has its own specific features. For effective insurance, it is necessary to know the local legal and insurance regulations, etc., of each country. Our international network of professionals across the globe has been built on more than thirty years of cooperation – through this network, we will follow you wherever you go in the world.

A human vision of your project
Because you entrust us with protecting your work, it is essential to create a relationship of trust and reciprocity. Our specialized team is proud to defend the interests of groups and artists in this sector.