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Responsible and sustainable commitments


Our business is right at the heart of people and companies. Fully committed to our values of customer satisfaction, vailability, independence and innovation, we strive to go further by implementing a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach across the Group.
As a major player in the protection of individuals and property, we wish to incorporate social and environmental issues more broadly into our decisions and businesses. To achieve this, we have identified five principles that convey our convictions and commitments.
Five principles that convey our convictions and commitments :
  1. Promote human values in Group activities
  2. Act in favor of health and well-being in the workplace
  3. Control our environmental footprint
  4. Foster dialogue and commit to all our stakeholders
  5. Develop community programs
This drive for progress is both a collective and individual challenge shared by all Group employees.


Find out all about our main initiatives undertaken as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach..  PDF

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